About Russian Tarragon Herb

Artemisia dracunculoides

About Russian tarragon herb, Artemisia dracunculoides. This French tarragon look alike grows more robustly and is easier to reproduce than French true tarragon but it has an inferior flavor.

Unscrupulous nurseries like to use this wild tarragon plant as a substitute for tarragon because it can be grown from seed.

French tarragon does not produce viable seed and must be divided.

They will sometimes even label it as tarragon herb which causes unsuspecting gardeners to mistake it for its French cousin.

When they take it home and plant it in their herb garden, they will be quite pleased with it.

It will grow into a 5 foot spreading shrub!

But if they attempt to use the narrow, pointy leaves in cooking, they will be disappointed.

The leaves of wild tarragon have a bitter taste and are not a good tarragon substitute. They also lack the anise odor of true tarragon leaves.

Both plants are native to Russia.

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