A List of Annual Flowers Divided by Color

A list of annual flowers to brighten your beds or container gardens. Perennials versus annuals. Plants and seeds available for every color including black. A small front yard devoted, almost exclusively, to annuals. Gardening with annuals is fun because you can achieve quick results. Annual flower seeds are readily available for all of the plants… Continue reading A List of Annual Flowers Divided by Color

Perennial Definition

Easy to understand perennial definition. The difference between annuals and perennials. Pros and cons of both types of plants and how you can expect them to behave in your garden. Beautiful Perennial Garden Wall Decal What Does Perennial Mean? Simply put, perennials are plants that return (from beneath the soil) each year without you having… Continue reading Perennial Definition

Easy Annuals for Sun

List of Types of Annual Flowers Easy-to-grow annuals for sun. List of types of annual flowers by height. Types of annuals to grow in sunny flower beds or container gardens. Order plants online. Gardening with Annuals Geraniums, begonias, and petunias growing curbside. When you plant annuals, a world of color, shape and even fragrance opens… Continue reading Easy Annuals for Sun

Oxalis triangularis ‘Purple Shamrock’

And Other Colorful Cultivars Oxalis triangularis ‘Purple Shamrock’ is one of several Oxalis cultivars. There are ornamental varieties like the striped ‘Candy Cane’ and the green-leaved, white-flowered Oxalis regnellii which is also called Lucky Shamrock. Other varieties are known for their herbal uses. Oxalis tuberosa is valued for its tubers which are sold in South American fruit markets. The raw tubers have… Continue reading Oxalis triangularis ‘Purple Shamrock’

Wax Begonia Care

Begonia semperflorens Plants Wax Begonia care is simple as long as you understand how succulent these plants are. The leaves and stems of Begonia semperflorens (meaning everblooming) are full of water. Couple this with a relatively small root system and you have a plant that can only cope with modest amounts of water. The shade-loving wax Begonia is available in several color… Continue reading Wax Begonia Care

Growing Coleus Plants

Coleus blumei Growing coleus plants indoors or out. How to grow coleus from seed or propagate cuttings. Annual coleus hybrid care tips. Varieties you can buy. Common Names for Coleus: Flame Nettle Painted Leaves Painted Nettle The beautifully textured leaves of the Coleus plant appear in an astonishing variety of color combinations.  Solid colors like neon green ‘Life Lime’  or ‘Dark… Continue reading Growing Coleus Plants

Vinca Periwinkle Plant

Catharanthus roseus The periwinkle plant, Catharanthus roseus looks much like an impatiens. Unlike the shade-loving Busy Lizzy, Madagascar periwinkle flowers in full sun. Vinca propagation and growing tips. The vinca periwinkles that reseed in our yard each year. This is one of the few summer annuals that will bloom right through the dog days of July and… Continue reading Vinca Periwinkle Plant

Annuals for Shade

Types of Annual Flowers to Plant in Low Light Annuals for shade is a list of the best types of annual flowers to plant in shady annual flower beds. Easy-to-grow shade annuals to illuminate the dim corners of your garden landscape design. My neighbor’s impatiens enjoy the dappled shade cast by my oak tree. The… Continue reading Annuals for Shade

Deer Resistant Annuals

Deer resistant annuals that are easy to grow. A list of ornamental deer proof plants. What makes a plant deer repellent. Plants deer will not eat. Annuals deer avoid. Buy This at Allposters.comTo say that a plant is deer proof is a bit of an overstatement. A starving deer will eat any plant material available to… Continue reading Deer Resistant Annuals