Deer Resistant Annuals

Deer resistant annuals that are easy to grow. A list of ornamental deer proof plants. What makes a plant deer repellent. Plants deer will not eat. Annuals deer avoid. Buy This at Allposters.comTo say that a plant is deer proof is a bit of an overstatement. A starving deer will eat any plant material available to… Continue reading Deer Resistant Annuals

Growing Impatiens?

Why Your wallerianas May be Under Threat. Avid gardeners are growing Impatiens all over the U.S. There are good reasons for this; Busy Lizzys are colorful, easy-to-grow annuals for shade, but a disease now threatens the survival of this old garden favorite.  Find out which varieties are vulnerable and which are immune. Double Impatiens I. omeiana There are several different… Continue reading Growing Impatiens?

Senecio cineraria Pairings

Planting Dusty Miller with Other Plants Senecio cineraria is the dusty miller plant so often used in spring landscaping projects. Other names for it include, silver ragwort, silver dust and silver brocade. The names refer to the attractive gray to white color of the plant’s fuzzy leaves. The lacy, silver leaves of Dusty Miller Although dusty… Continue reading Senecio cineraria Pairings

Growing Sunflowers

Planting Helianthus annuus Seed Growing sunflowers of every kind. Planting sunflower seeds. How to grow common yellow, the new red or multi-colored Helianthus annuus plants. Buy seed for many types of sunflowers here. “Sunflower, Kong Hybrid 1 Pkt. (25 seeds)” Planting sunflowers is simple. That’s a good thing since Helianthus annuus is one of America’s favorite annual plants. With sunflower varieties… Continue reading Growing Sunflowers

Growing Annual Herbs

A List of Herbs for Cooking and Healing Growing annual herbs for the kitchen and the natural healing medicine chest. Growing culinary herbs. A list of herbs for cooking and healing. Easy to make herbal tea remedies. When you use kitchen herbs for healing you are using some of the safest medicines on the planet.… Continue reading Growing Annual Herbs

Cascading Petunias

Wave, Tidal Wave & Supertunias All about cascading petunias. How to plant Wave petunia seeds. Purple Wave, Shock Wave and Tidal Wave petunias. Cascadia, Surfinia and other beautiful trailing petunias suitable for use in hanging baskets. Cascading petunias used as a ground cover at Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando, Florida. Most trailing petunias only… Continue reading Cascading Petunias

Give Petunia Pests the Boot!

Kiss Petunia Diseases & Problems Goodbye All the information you need to handle petunia pests, diseases and other problems. How to quickly rid your plants of aphids and horn worms. Discover safe, effective, organic insect treatments. In caring for petunias you may encounter a few petunia pests. Horn worms like to bore holes into newly formed flower… Continue reading Give Petunia Pests the Boot!

Trailing Petunia surfinia

The Best Cascading Supertunias for Hanging Baskets Petunia surfinia is a cross between the wild petunia, Ruellia humilis and Petunia x hybrida. It was bred to flower more heavily than other petunias and its cascading flowers stand up to rain, wind and heat better than most. Petunia – Supertunia® Double Peppermint Petunia – Supertunia ® Priscilla Petunia – Supertunia®… Continue reading Trailing Petunia surfinia

The Joy of Growing Petunias

Petunia Hybrids & Perennial Petunias Growing petunias can be very rewarding as long as you chose the right variety for your location. For instance, the grandifloras perform poorly in the rain and are best grown indoors. The multifloras and floribundas are better used outdoors. This backyard landscaping picture shows the impact that you can achieve… Continue reading The Joy of Growing Petunias