Miniature Rose Care

How to Care for Miniature Roses Miniature rose care details how to properly care for miniature roses. Indoor mini rose care. All about growing miniature roses outdoors. Providing winter care for miniature rose bushes. This is the miniature rose Snow Princess blooming at Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL. Indoor Mini Rose Care Care for mini roses the… Continue reading Miniature Rose Care

Bromeliad Plant Care

Bromeliad plant care is a breeze. Bromelaiads are unique, low-maintenance plants related to pineapples. They don’t need much water and will grow happily in a low light environment. Their tough leaves are impervious to most insects. Neoregelia ‘Purple Star’ With their often spotted or striped leaves, bromeliads are more exotic in their appearance than any other… Continue reading Bromeliad Plant Care

Cactus House Plants

Beautiful cactus house plants to grow. Low maintenance types of succulents for sale. Rare starfish flower succulents. Buy indoor cacti. Hover Over the Images, Pricing Info Will Appear at the Bottom of the Widget Cactus and succulent varieties that perform well indoors: Christmas CactusKalanchoeCrown of ThornsPonytail Palm TreeAloe Tree Pencil CactusOrchid CactusDessert RoseAloe vera Succulent… Continue reading Cactus House Plants

Popular Flowering House Plants

Types of Blooming Houseplants Easy care flowering house plants. The best blooming indoor plants to grow for success with house plants. Types of houseplants for large and small spaces. Pictures. Phalaenopsis Flowering House Plant Picture With its exotic sometimes fragrant blooms, the orchid is the queen of flowering house plants. The orchid’s beauty is unrivaled in… Continue reading Popular Flowering House Plants

Growing Coneflowers

Rudbeckia & Echinacea Coneflower Plants Growing perennial coneflowers: Rudbeckia and Echinacea plants. Purple, green and prairie coneflower will fill your garden beds with late season color. Buy plants and seeds here. Purple coneflowers flourishing around a pond. When bright pink, orange, yellow or white coneflowers burst into bloom they are the glory of the late summer landscape. A single… Continue reading Growing Coneflowers

Cheddar Pinks

Dianthus gratianopolitanus Of the cheddar pinks, Bath’s Pink Dianthus gratianopolitanus is the most popular. But Mountain Mist and Firewitch Dianthus are close contenders for this title. Bath’s Pink Dianthus The pink flowers have dark eyes and fringed petals which curve slightly at the tips. The fragrant flowers appear in abundance in late spring. Dianthus Bath’s Pink is a low growing… Continue reading Cheddar Pinks

Pictures of Sunflowers

Big pictures of sunflowers. Buy sunflower images, pics and framed prints to use in your home decor. Gorgeous sunflower photos will inspire you in decorating with sunflowers. Send a Glorious Fall Bouquet The sunny yellow blooms of sunflower plants are some of the most cheerful types of annual flowers you can grow. It makes you feel good… Continue reading Pictures of Sunflowers

Buy Common Sneezeweed Helenium Flower Seeds & Plants

The yellow or orange daisy flowers of sneezeweed appear in late summer adding bold color to the fall garden.  Most Heleniums are perennials, but seed is available for an annual type. Helenium, Red Jewel Helenium Dakota Gold 1 Pkt. Helenium, Double Trouble All parts of this plant are poisonous. Do not ingest it. Use care when handling… Continue reading Buy Common Sneezeweed Helenium Flower Seeds & Plants