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Blue Beaked Yucca rostrata is native to the Chihuahuan desert. This drought tolerant plant can be grown in coastal areas and is the most ornamental blue Yucca native to Texas.These are rare, collectible large plants that will make an instant impact on your patio or in your landscape.

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Huntington Desert Garden

Yucca rostrata growing in the desert garden at Huntington Botanical Garden.

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The trunk of Blue Beaked Yucca can ascend to the dizzying height of 20 feet. In time. Lots of time.

Most plants feature a single, perfectly symmetrical tuft of pointy blue leaves at the tip. Occasionally, a plant will branch, at the top, into several heads.

The beautiful blue leaves are not as thick and stiff of those of other plants in the genus but remain thin and supple. More akin to the leaves of an ornamental grass.

They are 2 feet long and half an inch wide. You have the choice of either clipping them off when they turn brown and expire or leaving them on to “dress” the tree.

Blue Yucca skirted like a hula girl.The live leaves are armed with sharp tips so place plants where they are unlikely to attack passers by.They will apologize to you for any scrapes or scratches they inflict each summer with a peace offering of creamy white flowers.
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Yucca rostrata in bloom.

Y. rostrata plants on display at RHS Chelsea.

Outdoors, Yucca rostrata prefers full sun to high shade and quick draining, inorganic soil. Rocky or sandy soil is actually the best planting medium for this species.

It is hardy outdoors in zones 5-11 (-20 degrees F.) and can be used as a cold hardy palm. If you live in a colder zone, grow blue Yucca in a pot and move it indoors before the first hard freeze.

In either case, keep the soil dry in winter and be careful not to over water it even in the heat of summer.

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