Butterfly Garden Plants

Easy to grow butterfly garden plants to use in landscaping or containers. The best nectar producing plants. Favorite larval food plants. Butterfly habitat gardening art and accessories.

Swallowtail hovering around a clump of red Pentas.

Feel free to use the plants listed here in any way you like.  They can be used to create a traditional “butterfly garden”, but they don’t have to be.  You could use a few of them to plant a butterfly garden entirely in pots. Or, you could just sprinkle them throughout your landscape as space and exposure allow.

You could use them as part of a larger wildlife habitat garden, as my husband and I have done on our property.  We enjoy watching the birds raise their offspring–and occasionally a ruckus, the hummingbirds zipping from one red flower to another at lightening speed, and, of course, the more leisurely flitting of the many types of butterflies we have here in Florida from one nectar source to the next.

No matter how you decide to use these flowering plants, the butterflies you desire will find them and feast upon them, providing you with a visual feast.

Nectar Producing Plants

These are the plants the adults use for food.  The vast majority of plant material you install in a butterfly habitat should be for nectar production.

Butterfly BushCat WhiskersFoxgloves
Aster, Dwarf Hardy Carefree $1.99Monarda, Purple Rooster $3.99$ave with a Butterfly Garden Plant Collection
Plan Included
Candytuft $3.99Columbine, Barlow Black $3.99Daylilies
Butterfly Plant, Orange Glory $6.99Lupine, Blue $2.00Dwarf Joe Pye Weed – Little Joe

Lupines are also host plants.

Butterfly Attracting Trees

Most of these are host plants, the plants butterflies lay their eggs on.  Once the larva hatch, they need lots of foliage to grow on, and they will not eat just anything.  This is a good thing.  It keeps them from devouring your landscape!

Butterfly larva will only eat specific foods.  If you want butterflies to breed in your yard, plant one or two of the following:

Fast Growing Tulip TreeSweet Bay MagnoliaWeeping Willow

Other Larval Plants

Violet – Purple ShowersSneezeweedHardy Hibiscus
Passion Flower, MaypopHollyhock – NigraRed Feather

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