Cactus House Plants

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Cactus and succulent varieties that perform well indoors:

Christmas CactusKalanchoeCrown of ThornsPonytail Palm TreeAloe TreePencil CactusOrchid CactusDessert RoseAloe vera

Succulent House Plants

Growing Cacti Indoors

There are three things to keep in mind when raising a cactus plant in the house:

  1. They need very bright light.
  2. They must have lots of air around their roots.
  3. They cannot handle soggy soil.

All of the above is doubly true for desert cacti.  Tropical or jungle types are easier to grow indoors because they are less demanding.  Still, compared to other houseplants, even a tropical cactus needs brighter light, faster draining soil and more careful watering.

Cactus Soil

Desert cacti (the prickly types) need a grittier, sandier soil than the tropical varieties and succulents which will grow in any free-draining potting mix.

Pot desert cacti in a proprietary mix specialy formulated for them or mix 1 part coarse sand or perlite to 2 parts of any good peat-based mixture.

Watering Cactus House Plants

Cacti should be watered from the bottom by standing the pot in a bowl of water.

If you must water from above, avoid wetting the stems, and use rain water if you can.  Hard water can  leave unsightly marks.

Succulents and jungle cacti require more water during active growth than do desert types.  Soak their soil whenever the top 1/2 inch feels dry to the touch.

Give these plants a three week rest at the end of each bloom cycle.  During this time, withhold food and provide only enough water to keep the soil barely moist. 

Desert cacti should be rested from the time the days shorten in the fall until spring growth begins.  Give them no food and just enough water to keep their mix from becoming bone dry.  Plants being overwintered in an unheated room should not be watered at all.

It is always better to err on the side of too little rather than too much water where cactus plants are concerned.

How to Feed a Cactus

Fertilize desert cacti every three weeks during active growth.  Feed jungle cacti every two weeks from the time flower buds form until the blossoms fall.

Cactus house plants perform best on a high potassium, low nitrogen fertilizer.  Tomato food is usually formulated this way and works well for them.

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