Canary Island Date Palm Tree Phoenix canariensis

Canary Island Date palm tree pictures and care instructions. Its pineapple crown nut makes Phoenix canariensis the most striking of the Date palms and dubs it the Pineapple palm tree.

Canary Island Date Small Palm Tree
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Canary Island Date Medium Palm Tree
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Canary Island Date Large Palm Tree
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Pineapple top palm trees lining Canal St. in New Smyrna Beach.

The crown nut on these trees have been pruned to a more unusual square shape.

The pineapple crown nut is what makes this Phoenix Date palm so handsome. This feature sits atop the columnar brown trunk of a mature specimen in the spot occupied by the crownshaft in other varieties.

A symmetrical crown of deep green, evenly pinnate fronds which can reach 12 feet in length sprays from the crown nut.

This young specimen has not yet developed any clear trunk.

It is this crown nut which distinguishes Phoenix canariensis from other Date palm trees.

This is the pineapple of the Pineapple palm.

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This is the first portion of the trunk to push up from below ground. It causes the Canary Islands Date palm to resemble a giant pineapple plant for the first few years of its life.

Canary Island Date palm with ferns growing in its crown nut.

Eventually, a slightly narrower though still sturdy, trunk will form beneath this and the nut will only be visible at the top.

It can only be seen if the lower fronds are trimmed to show it off.

Canary Island Dates growing in a hotel landscape.Growing to 60 feet tall, this is not a palm for the small garden. Each one will need at least 20 feet of space.

Canary Island Date Palm Care

Phoenix canariensis in bloom.

The widely cultivated Canary Date palm hails from the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco. It has been made popular by its adaptability to a wide range of growing conditions.

Pineapple palms will grow in the tropics, the subtropics, and even some parts of the temperate zone. They thrive in both coastal and inland locations. Heat and dry soil do not faze them.

Poor soil is no problem as long as it drains quickly. The one thing P. canariensis will not tolerate is standing water.

This deer resistant palm will take considerable frost. It is hardy down to 20 degrees F. It is reliably hardy from USDA zone 9a-11.

Large specimens are growing in warm micro climates in South Carolina’s Low Country which suggests that Canary Island Date palms may be marginally hardy as far north as zone 8a.Plant it in full sun and do not subject it to drought until it is well established.

Canary Date palms are more vulnerable than other varieties to transplant shock. If you do not have the time to nurse it through the transplant period, another of the Phoenix palms might be a better choice for you.

Canary Date Palm’s Fruit

Image of unripe fruit taken in Tampa, FL in May.

Bright orange spring or summer flowers are followed by showy orange berries. The “dates” are edible but the meager flesh is nasty tasting.

This is not the Date palm tree to grow if you are looking forward to a tasty harvest. This variety is strictly ornamental.

Propagating Pineapple Palm Trees

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Like most other palms, Pineapple palms are usually grown from seed.

If you want to use the fruit from your own trees, wait until it is overripe before picking it. Clean and dry the seed before storing or planting it.

Fresh palm seed germinates better than stored seed.

If there are other types of Date palms in the neighborhood, your seed may not produce P. canariensis trees but hybrids.

The various Phoenix Date palm varieties will readily cross pollinate one another.

The use of Date palm seed purchased from a reputable grower will give more certain results.

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Trimming a Pineapple Palm Tree

An unpruned canary palm tree is a stunning focal point in this Altamonte Springs front yard landscape design.

Use extreme caution when cutting the fronds from your pineapple shaped palm trees.

The leaflets turn spiny at their bases.

The spines are sharp and sturdy enough to puncture leather gloves.

The thorny petioles of P. canariensis.

While your Canary Island Date palm is small, use long-handled loppers to prune it and remember to grasp only the “friendly” end of the fronds when cleaning up.

When the tree gets tall, hire a service to prune it.

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