Carefree Beauty Rose Bush

The ‘Carefree Beauty’ rose plant was hybridized by Griffith Buck and introduced in 1977. Dr. Buck is famous for creating tough, cold climate roses and ‘Carefree Beauty’ Shrub roses exemplify this.

Carefree Beauty rose bush in full flush.

Both heat and cold tolerant, ‘Carefree Beauty’ has been designated as an Earth-Kind rose in Texas where it is often known as Katy Road Pink.

This is not an honor that is awarded lightly by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service of Texas A&M University.

Earth-Kind roses are subjected to rigorous field testing. They must demonstrate superior pest resistance, tolerate heat and drought and perform well on a wide variety of soils.

Earth-Kind means low maintenance. These are cultivars that will thrive with minimal care. Other roses to receive this designation include Knock Out, Mutabilis, ‘New Dawn’ and ‘The Fairy’.

‘Carefree Beauty’ Shrub roses can be expected to mature to a height and spread of about 5 feet so give them plenty of room in the landscape. You will not want to cut them back very much and risk diminishing the flower show.

To use them as a hedge, install the plants on 7 foot centers.

Carefree Beauty rose hedge.

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I just can’t think of a more beautiful flowering hedge. A sea of medium to deep pink fragrant roses cover the bush from spring to fall in cool climates. In hot place like Texas, expect heavy flushes in spring and fall with light flushes during summer’s heat.

The blooms open flat and sometimes show a streak of white as they age. If you do not deadhead them after the fall flush, orange hips will set and extend the color display.

The olive green leaves are practically immune to the common rose diseases.

This heavy bloomer gives its best performance in USDA zones 4a-9b.

A similar rose is the 1991 AARS Winner, ‘Carefree Wonder’.

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