Carolina Jessamine Gelsemium sempervirens

Carolina jessamine is a yellow flowering vine often called Carolina jasmine and confused with yellow jasmine. Purchase Gelsemium sempervirens plants here. Get jessamine plant care information.

Yellow Jessamine at Gated Entry to Boone Hall Plantation, South Carolina, USA

Yellow Jessamine at Gated Entry to Boone Hall Plantation, South Carolina, USA
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Carolina yellow jessamine is a twining vine which features evergreen foliage and bearing clusters of inch deep, golden trumpet-shaped blooms. One of its common names is Evening Trumpet Flower. Another is Carolina jasmine.

The fragrant flowers appear in late winter and make repeat performances throughout summer.

There is also a double-flowered form called ‘Flore Pleno’.

The flamboyant ornamental is native to the Southeastern United States from Virginia to Texas. It is the state flower of South Carolina where it lights up the roadsides each spring.

All parts of G. sempervirens are poisonous. Ingestion can lead to weakness, breathing problems, seizures and even death in both humans and animals.

Yellow jessamine can climb to 20 feet. Train it up a support which it can wrap its slender stems around. It does not cast a dense shade so it can be used to cover a lath house in which orchids or tuberous begonias are growing.

For a naturalistic look, train it up into a mature tree.

Carolina jessamine plants can spread to cover a chain link fence. They prefer full sun and are cold tolerant down to 5 degrees F. (zone 7b).

This is not a drought tolerant plant so keep the soil moist. It will grow most vigorously in damp climates, less so in dry places like Texas.

This is a tough plant that can take any amount of pruning and is not fussy about its food. You can feed it whenever and whatever you like. Wild vines do not get fed at all and still bloom every year.

Prune it as much as you need to to keep it in bounds.

You can start new vines from cuttings.

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