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The semi-double flowered Champlain rose is an extremely cold tolerant Canadian Explorer rose. Clusters of blood red roses grace the free blooming shrub from early summer until stopped by a hard frost.

Champlain rose.

Named for Samuel de Champlain, the French navigator who mapped much of North America and also discovered Lake Champlain, this Hybrid Kordesii was bred by Svedja and introduced in 1973. It is a Shrub rose which can be expected to grow to 3.5 or 4 feet high and wide in most climates.

The clusters of beautiful red roses produced by this shrub are mildly fragrant.

The Champlain rose is an easy-to-grow shrub. It is not bothered by frigid winters or hot, steamy summers. Its disease resistance, however, is variable.

In some climates and in some years it will enjoy perfect health. In others, it can be somewhat mildew prone.

Grow this Explorer rose from zone 3a (with snow cover)-9b.

Exposed canes of plants grown in the coldest end of this range will die back but the plant should grow back from the root (they are sold on their own roots and not grafted).

Also, cuttings of this rose root easily.

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