Chicago Peace Rose

Rosa JOHnago

The Chicago Peace rose is a more colorful sport of the world renowned Hybrid Tea rose bush called Peace (originally Mme A. Meilland). ‘Chicago Peace’ was discovered in the Windy City and introduced in 1962.

Chicago Peace rose trio.

Like its famous parent, Chicago Peace is vigorous, bushy, moderately disease resistant and lightly fragrant. It differs in just one respect: the color of the blooms.

Each of the 45 petals is peachy yellow at its base but turns pink at the reflexed edge. The coloring will change slightly with the seasons and is more intense in cool weather. Like all long-stemmed Hybrid Tea roses, the exhibition quality flowers are marvelous for cutting.

Chicago Peace rose flower

Use this 5-6 foot tall bush in your garden beds for easy-care, season-long color. It is a good “first rose” for new gardeners as it will not only stand neglect but bloom despite it.

Space plants 3-4 feet apart in full sun.

Chicago Peace is hardy in zones 5a-9b.

Did You Know: Chicago Peace is so named because it was discovered by a rose breeder working in the Windy City.

It was introduced by Johnston in 1962 and went on to win the Portland Gold Medal in that same year.

There is a climbing Chicago Peace. I have not seen it for sale. If you do, avoid it.

According to The Encyclopedia of Roses, it’s a reluctant bloomer.

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