Choosing an Arbor Gate

Finding just the right arbor gate to use in your front or backyard landscape design. How to decide if a vinyl, metal or wooden arbor with gate will work best for you. Pictures and home landscaping ideas.

Essex arbor with gate image from gardeners supply co

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The metal arbor gates you see on this page are beautiful. But so are the wooden and vinyl arbors.

So, how do you choose?

There are 2 considerations: style and materials. You need to pick a style of garden arbor gate that matches the style of your home and existing landscape design or it will look out of place no matter what it’s made of.

You will also want to choose an arbor that is constructed of a material that suits your lifestyle.

If you have little time to spend maintaining garden structures, vinyl may be the best choice as it will never need painting or sealing.

The drawback to buying vinyl arbor gates is that they are mainly available in white. If you really want a dark-colored or natural gate, you will have to choose either metal or wood.

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Metal arbors will not need repainting for many years but eventually will begin to rust.

The damper your climate, the sooner this will become an issue.

A wooden garden arbor will need to be repainted or resealed every 2-3 years unless you are letting it age naturally in which case it will gradually fade to a soft gray.

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If you want to keep it looking new, you will have to reseal it. If this is what you plan to do, remember not to dress it with a vine that will not withstand hard pruning every other year or so.

Clematis vine will work in this situation. A Lady Banks rose will not.

Arbor Gate Landscaping Photos

Path to an Open Gate

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In this landscaping picture you can see how nicely a white vinyl arbor with gate looks next to a putty-colored house with white trim.

White arbor gates will look great outside nearly any home that has white trim.

In this photo, the pavers used to make the path echo the color scheme in this white garden.

The row of plants closest to the path are hostas which are grown more for their beautiful, broad leaves than for their white blooms. The green and white variegated foliage on the opposite side of the path brings in more white and another shade of green.

Path to the Garden Gate Lined with Daylilies

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This is the view from the other side of the gate above. Here, yellow daylilies are used as foundation plants.

Allowing grass to grow between the pavers creates a softer, less formal look.

Arbored Entryway with Ornamental Grasses and Blooming Hydrangeas

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This vinyl arbor marks the entrance to the front yard of a saltbox house. The white picket fence enhances the arbor, making it more visually important. The fence also makes a beautiful backdrop for the pink hydrangeas and ornamental grasses.


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An arbor gate outside a Victorian farmhouse draws you down a gently curving stone path lined with Hydrangeas.

This style of home often features white trim making a white arbor an appropriate choice.

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