Crab Apple Tree Pruning

Crab apple tree pruning should be carried out in early spring. These trimming instructions apply to all types of Malus crabapples. How to prune dwarf and weeping crab apple trees.

Bare Crabapple Tree in a Meadow 
Bare Crabapple Tree in a Meadow

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Prune crab apple trees to remove dead, broken, or crossing branches or to open up the center of the tree so that air can flow through it and light can reach every branch.

Do this before flower buds begin to form in June so as not to diminish next spring’s bloom.

The crab apple tree is very low maintenance as long as you plant the appropriate variety. Different types of crab apple trees grow to different sizes at maturity. This can vary from 8 to 25 feet.

Plant the size tree you want, in the first place, and you won’t need to use pruning to keep it in bounds. There is enough work to do around the spring landscape without pruning crab apple trees.

Dwarf Crab Apple Trees

Flowering Crabapple (Malus Sargenti)

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Dwarf trees will only reach a height of 8 feet or so and require even less trimming than standard crab apples.

Prune them only to remove broken or crossing shoots.

Weeping Crab Apple Tree

Profusion Crabapple
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Robinson Crabapple
from: Fast Growing Trees Nursery

Follow the pruning instructions for dwarf crab apple trees. Also, cut back any shoots that are out of balance or harmony with the shape of the tree.

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