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Edible and ornamental Date palms for sale here. Buy fresh Date palm seed. Dwarf date, Silver Date, True Date, Medjool and Canary Island Phoenix palm trees. Growing information for various types of date trees.

Canary Island date with ferns growing from its crown nut.Buy a Canary Island Date PalmCanary Island date with ferns growing from its crown nut.

The Date palm is not a single tree but a group of approximately 17 Phoenix palm tree species hailing from India, Africa and the Middle East.

Some are clump forming, others grow singly. Some are short, like the miniature or dwarf Date, Phoenix roebelenii which at 6-8 feet is manageable height for an indoor Date palm. Others are tall, like Phoenix canariensis, the Canary Island Date which grows slowly to about 60 feet and is perfect for commercial plantings.

All feature feathery fronds which may look friendly but harbor sharp spines so take care when trimming Date palms. Date palm fronds vary in color from dark green to a much lighter, grayish green.

Most are grown as ornamentals. A few bear fruit that is tasty when eaten out-of-hand. The Phoenix dactylifera group which consists of the True Date, Medjool Date and the Deglet Noor Date

Date Palm Cultivation
Growing Healthy Date Palm Trees

Phoenix roebelenii picture.

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Most varieties need full sun but the Pygmy date (P. roebelenii) will accept a moderate amount of shade outdoors. When used indoors, it wants a bright location.

Watering Date Palms

Regular irrigation is necessary until the newly planted tree has taken hold. The way that palm trees weather droughts is by growing deep tap roots down into the water table. It is risky to let them dry out too much before these tap roots have located an underground water source.

Even after your trees become established, they will perform best if you apply water during extended periods of dry weather.

Feeding Your Date

Feed the trees with a “Palm Special” type fertilizer only during active growth.

It is impossible to say how often a particular palm tree should be fed because the tree’s rate of growth and the composition of the soil it is planted in must be taken into account so I can only offer these general guidelines.

Give the very slow growers 1 late spring/early summer feeding and then watch them for signs of nutrient deficiencies.

The Canary Island Date is the heaviest feeder of this lot. You can feed it twice per growing season to keep it happy or even 3 times if you want to push faster growth.

Date Palm Fruit

Date palm fruit image.

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The berries do not always mature or ripen properly in wet climates so there isn’t much point in trying to grow your own dates in Florida or Louisiana.

And while, we’re on the subject, all varieties are not equally disease resistant in humid growing conditions. Phoenix sylvestris, the Silver Date, is the best of the Phoenix Date palms to grow in the steamy South.

Senegal Date Palm Picture

Senegal date palm picture.Phoenix reclinata (meaning turned down) is the Senegal Date.This tall clumping palm can be found in the wild growing along stream beds in tropical Africa.The slender, curving trunks can soar to 35 feet.

The fronds of new suckers springing up at its roots will cover its feet unless you keep these trimmed off.

This is a water-loving palm which performs best under cultivation when irrigated and mulched. Waterside plantings are perfect for this species.

P. reclinata should be fed with a high nitrogen palm fertilizer. Lots of food and water will promote quick growth.

The brown dates it produces are edible but not sweet.

Like most palms, the Senegal Date can be grown from seed.


This species can become invasive when grown in Central or South Florida.

Also, because of its suckering habit, it will need constant pruning. Wear leather gauntlet gloves to protect your hands from the wicked spines at the leaf bases.

This palm is hardy in zones 9a-11.

Date Palm Seed – Propagation

The clumping varieties can be increased by digging and moving the suckers. Even suckers without roots can be used for propagation if given enough care.

Fresh seed will usually germinate in 3 months or less.

If you wish to harvest seed from your own trees, wait until the fruit is dead ripe. Each date will contain 1-3 seeds.

You should also be aware that Phoenix palms cross with each other quite readily. If there are other varieties in the neighborhood, your seeds may produce a hybrid.

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Date Palm Tree Pictures
Date palm tree pictures to help you in choosing date palms that will suit your landscaping plans. Photos of various date palm tree types growing in commercial and residential landscape designs.

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