Double Decker Coneflower & Other Double Coneflower Types

The Double Decker coneflower is unique in that its brown central cone is topped by what looks like another, smaller bloom. The other double coneflowers listed here feature pompon tops. All are cultivars of the Echinacea purpurea plant.

Growing Tips for
Double Echinacea Flowers

Echinacea, White Double Delight 1 Plant

  • Like all Echinacea plants, the double-flowered types can be sited in full or part sun locations. Full sun will result in sturdier, more upright stems but the plants will bloom in part day sun.

    In part shade, the stems may require staking.
  • If you want to grow Echinacea as an herb, grow one of the species: E. purpureapallida or angustifolia. These tall, pink, single-flowered plants are the ones most often used medicinally.

    Double coneflowers are bred for garden display and also perform well as cut flowers.
  • Because these are hybrids, they will not come true from seed.

    Order the number of plants you want.

    If you later wish to expand your collection of Double Decker coneflowers (or any of the other doubles), propagate them by dividing the mature clumps, or by taking hard or softwood cuttings. Dip the cuttings in rooting hormone and keep them moist and shaded for several weeks until they root.

For more in-depth information about growing coneflowers see: Growing Echinacea Plants.

Pink Flowers

Buy Dwarf Coneflower, Pink Double DelightIts diminutive size is what sets this variety apart from the noticeably taller ‘Double Decker’ coneflower.Three inch blooms form on upright stems 15-20 inches high. The first introduction from the “Cone fections” series, ‘Pink Double Delight’ coneflowers exhibit superior mildew resistance and are more tolerant of boggy soils than other purple coneflower varieties.Buy Coneflower, Double Secret PassionIntense flamingo pompons adorn 27 inch stems. Echinacea ‘Secret Passion’ forms branching clumps which are unusual in that they are wider (about 3 feet) than they are tall.Enjoys a long season of bloom in USDA zones 4-9.Buy Coneflower, Gum DropThree to four inch fully double, intensely pink blooms top 24 inch stems on compact plants which spread 30 inches wide.Like all Echinaceas,  ‘Gum Drop’ is deer resistant. Drought tolerance is also listed among its charms.
Hardy in zones 4-10.

Buy Coneflower – Secret RomanceAnother compact and well-branched selection form the “Secret” series. Echinacea ‘Secret Romance’ forms clumps 30 inches high and wide topped by large, 2-toned blooms in late summer.Very floriferous and great for cutting in zones 4-9.

Other Colors

Order Coneflower – Hot PapayaThe 2.5-3 foot reddish stems and paprika flowerheads of the ‘Hot Papaya’ coneflower will add an unusual color accent to the middle of your late summer beds and borders.Keep this, the first orange double coneflower ever introduced moist until it matures and develops some drought tolerance.More than 10 years of work went into producing this fiery flower bred by Arie Blom of AB-Cultivars.Grow it in zones 4-9 for best garden performance.
In full bloom, when viewed from a distance in the landscape, Echinacea ‘Marmalade’ reminds me of Kniphofia.Perhaps this is because the hot orange flowers are so big. This selection should have been named Hot Poker coneflower.’Marmalade’ shrugs off heat and humidity. Clumps grow quickly to a height and width of 30-32 inches in zones 4-8.With ‘Marmalade’, Arie Blom has introduced another winner!
Order Coneflower – MeringueEchinacea ‘Meringue’ is the third in the “Cone fections” series. Champagne-colored cream puffs top the 18-24 inch stems of this coneflower from mid to late summer.The “Cone fections” series comes to us from breeder Arie Blom. Born in the Netherlands but educated in the U.S., Bloom understands how extremely variable our weather is. He developed this series with the intention of it outperforming all previous coneflower introductions.’Meringue’ is sure to do so when planted in full sun and moderately moist soil in zones 5-9.
Because of the uplifting effect that exposure to sunlight has on human emotions, yellow flowers have come to symbolize joy. I can’t think of a more appropriate name for this sunny yellow coneflower which is sure to bring delight to your garden beds.Echinacea ‘Secret Joy’ is 1 of a small number of new coneflower varieties introduced in 2011. These fragrant cut flowers grow on strong 24 inch stems and bloom from July through September in zones 4-9.

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