Easy Annuals for Sun

List of Types of Annual Flowers

Easy-to-grow annuals for sun. List of types of annual flowers by height. Types of annuals to grow in sunny flower beds or container gardens. Order plants online.

Gardening with Annuals

Geraniums, begonias, and petunias growing curbside.

When you plant annuals, a world of color, shape and even fragrance opens up to you.

Borders of mixed annual flower plants around the house will adorn a boring foundation while expressing your personality. High traffic areas, such as the land adjacent to a patio, merit special attention. Annual flower beds planted here will be enjoyed on a daily basis by every member of the household.

Sun-loving annuals highlight an Arizona waterfall landscape design.

That narrow strip of ground between the driveway and the property line, where you dare not plant anything large or permanent, can be safely brought to life with annual plants.

The Annual Container Garden

Blue and white petunias mix it up in a color bowl.

Set a large container in places where the soil is not good.

Fill it with a quality potting mix and plant it with a single type of annual plant or a mixture of several different plants.

Cascading petunias or Ivy geraniums will trail nicely over the pot rim if you plant them around the edges.

The black-eyed Susan vine is another stunning annual trailer suitable for tall pots or hanging baskets.

White petunias and orange nasturtiums make a lovely combination as do red and white wax begonias planted alternately in the pockets of a large strawberry jar.The fragrant white Angel Trumpet.

Tip: Use white flowers and silvery foliage in an area that will be used at night. The white will glow while bright colors will fade from view at dusk.

Annuals used in container gardening will draw lots of attention so they will need to be regularly pinched and deadheaded to keep them looking great.

Types of Annuals for Sun

To help you in planning your flower beds and borders, I’m going to divide this list of sun-worshipers by height.

Back of Border Annuals for Sun

These are plants which will grow to a height of 5 feet or more by the end of the growing season.

Castor Bean PlantTall varieties of Flowering TobaccoTithoniaTall varieties of SunflowersAngel Trumpet

Middle of Border Annuals for Sun

Plants from 30-45 inches tall:

Some varieties of flowering tobaccoEgyptian Star Clusters‘Prairie Sun’ RudbeckiaScarlet SageAnnual Black-eyed Susans

Front of Border Sun Annuals

Plants from 6-24 inches in height at maturity:

Zonal GeraniumsCleosiaWax BegoniasChina PinksSmaller varieties of flowering tobaccoPetuniasMost Ornamental PeppersKalanchoeSweet AlyssumMoss RoseNew Guinea ImpatiensVinca PeriwinkleDusty MillerFour O’ ClocksOrnamental Sweet Potato Vines

Annual Fall Flowers

Mums are often used as annuals.

‘Cherokee Sunset’ is a member of the Rudbeckia hirta clan which are annual Black Eyed Susan flowers. (Rudbeckia fulgida encompasses the perennial types.)

Another member of this group is the gold and green Rudbeckia ‘Irish Eyes’.

The larger sunflower varieties tend to peak in early fallPurple Fountain GrassOrnamental CabbageMums

Annual Blue Flowers

Plumbago auriculata, is a marvelous South African native that is covered in true blue flowers all season long. It is unreliably perennial in my zone 9a yard.

Plumbago can be grown as an annual as it will go from seed to bloom in one season.

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