Fairy Roses Pink Polyantha Rose

Fairy roses are the toughest Polyantha shrub roses you can grow. The Fairy rose bush is tolerant of drought and neglect and rarely bothered by diseases and pests. One of the best rose plants for difficult situations.

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‘Fairy Rose’ Stats:

Bred in 1932 by Ann Bentall of England, one of the few female hybridizers in the rose world.

Introduced in the U.S. in 1941 by Conard-Pyle.

Exhibits great cold hardiness, growing from zone 4a to 9b.

This is one of the few Polyanthas that is still commercially available. Polyantha roses have been largely supplanted by the showier Floribundas but demand for ‘The Fairy’ remains high.

The light pink blossoms are not large or fragrant but they appear in great profusion. First in mid to late summer, then in successive flushes through fall.

The color of the blooms will lighten in the heat of high summer but this 3-4 foot tall cascading rose bush will continue to crank out flower clusters come what may.

The rose’s glossy box hedge foliage is an added attraction.

‘The Fairy’ is put to good use as a groundcover rose on sandy banks where it will spread (by the canes rooting where they touch the ground) to fill a wide space and will not mind the dry soil.

The easiest way to propagate this rose is by digging up rooted sections and moving them.

The plant is disease resistant under any conditions–more so in full sun with good air circulation.

The one pest which will sometimes bug it is the Japanese beetle.

Pruning Fairy Roses

Red Fairy roses.Red Version of the Fairy

Cut them down to a foot tall in early spring while they are still dormant. Cut the side shoots back to 3 buds.

To rejuvenate older plants, remove one third of the oldest stems at the base. This will remedy crowding and make room for new, more productive canes to grow.

Use gauntlet gloves to prune this rose as it is among the thorniest of the Polyanthas.Search Results from AmazonPatio, Lawn & Garden

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