Florida Palm Trees

Growing Palm Trees in Florida The best types of Florida palm trees to plant in central and south Florida. Also palm trees native to Florida and the best palm tree for NW Florida. Diseases affecting Florida palms and which trees are most susceptible. Palm Trees of Florida Date and Cabbage palm fronds swaying in the… Continue reading Florida Palm Trees

Mexican Fan Palm

Landscaping with Washingtonia robusta With its gracefully drooping leaf tips and hula skirt of dried fronds, the Mexican fan palm is the dancing girl of the Arecacea family. Buy a 13′ Mexican Fan Palm Tree Perhaps the Amazonian dancing girl would be a more accurate description as Washingtonia robusta can grow to 100 feet. A note of caution is in… Continue reading Mexican Fan Palm

Mediterranean Fan Palms European Fan Palm

Chamaerops humilis Mediterranean fan palms (a.k.a. European fan palms) are some of the most variable palm trees in cultivation. There are single trunk and clumping forms of Chamaerops humilis, tall and dwarf varieties and different leaf colors. Thank You for Shopping with Our Partners Tall varieties can slowly reach a height of 15 feet while dwarf… Continue reading Mediterranean Fan Palms European Fan Palm

The Two-Faced Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa: the Palm Tree thatMoonlights as a Hedge The lady palm, Rhapis excelsa, grows thickly enough (when left to her own devices) to be planted as a hedge. When the lady is pruned so as to expose her slender canes, she takes on a whole different character. Planting Japanese Rhapis palms in the landscape and in pots. Palm… Continue reading The Two-Faced Lady Palm

Palm Trees South Florida

Florida Palm Trees for Zones 10-11 Palm trees south Florida is a list, with pictures, of the best types of subtropical and tropical palms to plant in zones 10-11 in the sunshine state. Florida royal palm tree, queen palm, pygmy date, etc. Pygmy date palms growing in a bed of Canna lilies in Naples, FL. This listing excludes… Continue reading Palm Trees South Florida

Sabal Minor

Dwarf Palmetto Sabal minor is a low growing fan palm native to Florida, North Carolina, and Texas. Its common names include dwarf palmetto and blue-stem palm. One of the distinguishing features of this palm is its underground trunk. The deeply cut fronds can spread to 5 feet long and wide. The leaf stems are longer than… Continue reading Sabal Minor