Plant American Beautyberry for Neon Fall Color

Callicarpa americana The iridescent purple fruit of the American beautyberry, Callicarpa americana, is an important food for many species of birds. The quarter inch, round berries encase stems of the shrub in dense clusters throughout late summer and fall. Inexpensive Beautyberry Plants For Sale If you’re looking for a deer resistant plant, this isn’t it. The coarse… Continue reading Plant American Beautyberry for Neon Fall Color

Old Fashioned Weigela Plants

Weigela florida Weigela florida shrubs: ‘Wine and Roses’, variegated, ‘Midnight Wine’, ‘Spilled Wine’, ‘Red Prince’, ‘My Monet’, ‘Java Red’ and many other types. Also, growing and pruning info. Buy ‘Bristol Ruby’ Cheap If old fashioned charm and masses of late spring to early summer flowers on a hardy, reliable shrub are what you’re looking for, you… Continue reading Old Fashioned Weigela Plants

Knock Out Roses

Rosa ‘RADrazz’ The various Knock Out roses and the new Knockout rose bush knock-offs: ‘White Out’, a white Knock Out and ‘Home Run’, a rich red Knockout descendant. Landscaping with Knock Out shrub roses. Great Price on Double Knock Out® Rose Collection Knockout roses are the most popular “family” of roses in North America. Their low maintenance… Continue reading Knock Out Roses

‘Hot Cocoa’ Rose Orange Floribunda Roses

The best feature of the ‘Hot Cocoa’ rose is its unique flower color: deep orange dusted with baking cocoa. But this Floribunda rose has more to offer; it is mildly fragrant and disease resistant too. Buy ‘Hot Cocoa’ Roses Here Photos do not do this rose justice. Surround it with yellow or gold roses which… Continue reading ‘Hot Cocoa’ Rose Orange Floribunda Roses

Gardenia Plant Care

Gardenia plant care and pruning guide. The heady perfume of the Gardenia flower is compelling enough to have every gardener south of the Mason-Dixon line planting a jasminoides bush in their yard. Gardeners who do not reside in the deep south can plant ‘Summer Snow’ or ‘Kleims Hardy’ Gardenias. Apartment and condo dwellers anyplace in the world can possess these elegant, jasmine-scented blooms… Continue reading Gardenia Plant Care

Popular White Flowering Shrubs

Easy care white flowering shrubs to illuminate the after-dusk landscape. Some feature small flowers like those of the white oleander bush; others, like white roses and Hibiscus, display big blooms. White oleander Flowers Like rain on a sizzling summer day, shrubs with white flowers bring cool refreshment to garden beds and borders. Being at once elegant and bold, white flowering bushes… Continue reading Popular White Flowering Shrubs

Flowering Shrubs and Bushes to Plant for Garden Color

Flowering shrubs and bushes to give your home curb appeal. Dwarf evergreen shrubs for shade. Landscaping with shrubs. Landscape roses. Deer resistant barberry. Viburnum, dogwood, mock orange, Abelia… This is the impact that flowering bushes can have on a landscape. For a low maintenance landscape:  Use as many shrubs as the space will permit.  Fill the gaps… Continue reading Flowering Shrubs and Bushes to Plant for Garden Color

Deer Resistant Shrubs

Deer resistant shrubs for every garden. Deer proof shade loving shrubs. Flowering, dwarf, evergreen, fragrant, and drought tolerant bushes. Fast growing privacy shrubs that deer hate. Flowering Shrubs That Are Deer Resistant Weigela – Red Prince Hydrangea – Little Lamb Rhododendron – P.J.M. ‘Red Prince’ is a repeat-blooming Weigela that will grace your yard with its scarlet blooms… Continue reading Deer Resistant Shrubs