Growing Fruit Trees

Growing fruit trees is a rewarding hobby. Whether you’re interested in growing fruits in pots or in the open ground, from seed or from nursery stock, you’ll find many ways to satisfy your craving for home grown fruit. This is a grapefruit tree that I grew from a seedling. It flowered for the first time at 10… Continue reading Growing Fruit Trees

Guava Tree Information

Psidium guajava The tropical guava tree, Psidium guajava, is a large evergreen that features peeling bark, sweetly fragrant flowers and delicious fruit. The egg-shaped fruit develops a musky aroma as it ripens. In addition to being eaten fresh it is used to make jams and juices. Apple Guava (Psidium Guajava), IllustrationBuy This How To Grow Guava… Continue reading Guava Tree Information

Strawberry Guava Trees

Psidium littorale Strawberry guava trees are beautiful evergreens with shedding cinnamon brown bark and sweet smelling white flowers. Psidium littorale (formerly known as Psidium cattleianum) is self fertile and produces a heavy crop of tart red fruit each year. Thank You for Shopping with Our Partners The 1-2 inch round fruits form at the end of the tree’s… Continue reading Strawberry Guava Trees

The Sharp but Sweet Pineapple Plant

Various Ananas species The tough but beautiful pineapple plant is easy enough for the brownest thumb to grow. Here is all the information you need about ornamental and edible pineapple varieties: starting a pineapple from a top, when to harvest a growing pineapple and how to cut it up once you have. Pineapple plants are large bromeliads native… Continue reading The Sharp but Sweet Pineapple Plant

Banana Plant

All You Need to Know about Growing Bananas The banana plant is loved by gardeners everywhere for its lush, tropical foliage and its sweet fruit. All the information you’ve ever wanted about growing bananas is here. Includes big bananas, green bananas, red bananas, how to ripen bananas and even some fun facts about bananas. Bananas… Continue reading Banana Plant

How to Grow Grapes

Growing and Planting Grape Vines Best Price, Seedless Grape Vines How to grow grapes instructs the home grower in variety and site selection for planting grape vines. Training grapes on a grape vine trellis or arbor. Growing and planting grape vines. Ripens One Month Ahead of Concord! Sweet, Seedless New Himrod Grape$6.99 Grape Varieties Buy… Continue reading How to Grow Grapes

The Multipurpose Sea Grape Tree

Coccoloba uvifera The versatile sea grape tree can be grown as a focal-point shrub or a tall or low hedge. Coccoloba uvifera can also become a large tree in coastal landscapes where salt spray will slide right off its waxy leaves. This specimen seagrape tree in Sarasota, Florida has grown so large that its branches arch over… Continue reading The Multipurpose Sea Grape Tree

Growing Lemon Trees In Pots

Buy Fruit Trees Online Growing lemon trees in pots is easy as long as you start with the right kind of plant. How to grow a lemon plant from seed. How to keep lemons growing in containers healthy. Lemons grow easily from seed, but seedlings are not the best pot plants. They will be thorny… Continue reading Growing Lemon Trees In Pots

Growing Fig Trees

Common Edible Figs – Ficus carica Growing fig trees at home is the only way to sample the many delicious varieties of this nearly perfect fruit. Each type of fig produces fruit that tastes different from all the others. Some are richly sweet while others taste faintly of honey. All are so perishable that precious few… Continue reading Growing Fig Trees