Garden Design – Potted Fruit Trees with Exotics

Grapefruit Tree with Ferns Behind it

Grapefruit Tree with Ferns Behind it


I live in Adelaide South Australia and have a garden with palm trees, ferns and other sub-tropical plants, but I would like to put some potted fruit trees mixed among them. Will this look strange?

Do you know of any web site pictures that have this combination, so I can see what they look like together?

Thank you,

Chris Whitten

Plant Guides Response

Here in central Florida we grow fruit trees and palms side by side all the time. It doesn’t look strange to me. I’m used to seeing these plants used together in landscapes.

You didn’t mention what kind of fruit trees you plan to grow but I think that as long as you stick with tropical or sub tropical fruits, the trees will blend right in. Evergreens will be more in keeping with the style of your garden.

In my opinion the more critical decision is what kind of pots to use. The right color and style will give your design tremendous eye appeal.

Also, take care to choose containers which are in scale with the rest of your hardscape.

Bigger is usually better. For the health of the tree and just plain better looking.

Here are some fruit trees that might fill the bill:

Fig Trees


Guava Tree

Pineapple Guava Tree

Strawberry Guava Trees

Red Bananas

Good luck with your garden design.

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