Green Coneflower Plants

Green Wizard Rudbeckia occidentalis Nutt
& Other Types

Perennial green coneflower varieties: ‘Green Wizard’ (Rudbeckia occidentalis Nutt) also called black and western coneflower, ‘Green Envy’ and ‘Green Jewel’.

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R. occidentalis Nutt is a coneflower without the flower petals. The bloom consists of a 2-3 inch tall torpedo-shaped dark purple-brown to black cone surrounded by a row of narrow green sepals (the parts that are normally found beneath the flower petals).

It is often called black coneflower because of the dark cone which is this coneflower plant’s main attraction.

These interesting 3-5 inch wide flowers occur in late summer on plants that can grow to 6 feet tall and spread to 2 feet. The bright green leaves are the standard Black Eyed Susan leaves.

Growing Coneflower ‘Green Wizard’

Rudbeckia occidentalis Green Wizard is a clump-forming perennial coneflower in zones 3-9. They will sometimes, but not always, flower the first year from seed. Sow seed early for first year bloom.

Western coneflower appreciates a moist soil with plenty of organic matter in full sun. If you want the plants to be shorter and more compact, don’t add organic matter to the soil.

Fertilize just once in the spring and top dress with organic compost.

Place this tall coneflower where the striking cones can be seen close up or it may not be noticed. It also makes a valuable addition to a coneflower garden when used as a color break between Echinacea purpurea and white swan coneflower.

The flowers draw birds and butterflies and are great for cutting. ‘Green Wizard’ is also an excellent dried Rudbeckia flower.

Something is Eating My Black Eyed Susans!

When you set new coneflower plants out, the local slugs will think you have invited them to a buffet.

Watch for these Rudbeckia pests and dispatch with them before they do too much damage.

‘Green Jewel’ Coneflower

'Green Jewel' coneflower.

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This green coneflower is an Echinacea purpurea hybrid with 4 inch bright green to yellow-green flowers.

These single to semi-double flowers have real petals (not just sepals like ‘Green Wizard’) and greenish brown beehive-shaped central cones.

Mature plants may produce as many as 20 of these fragrant blooms over a long season. They make good cut flowers.

The 2 foot tall and wide ‘Green Jewel’ Coneflower does not require staking when planted in full sun.

‘Green Envy’ Coneflowers

'Green Envy' coneflowers.

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The petals of single-flowered ‘Green Envy’ open green and age to pink. These unusual blooms feature a flattish central button which is quite different from the tall central cone of most other varieties.

‘Green Envy’ plants are vigorous and will rebloom even if the spent flowers are not removed. Of course, deadheading will result in a bigger flower show the second time around.

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