Growing Clematis Vines

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Clematis, Blue Light

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Clematis vines are one of the most popular climbing plants in the U.S. There are many varieties which differ not only in vigor and size but in time of flowering and color. As a consequence of this diversity, a clematis vine can be selected for every situation.

Clematis plants may be roughly divided into 2 groups according to flower type. The small flowered clematis–usually wild types–and the large flowered hybrid clematis.

The clematis flower may be single or double.

Clematis plants can be divided into 2 groups another way: clematis climbers and bush clematis.

Growing clematis up a mailbox post.

This vine is growing over a mailbox in my Aunt Charlotte’s yard in Connecticut.

There are actually 3 clematis vines intertwined here: the one blooming now, a lavender variety and a pure white clematis which will bloom after this one finishes.

My aunt keeps her gardening tools inside the mailbox to keep them handy.

Planting Clematis Plants

Clematis, Josephine

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These plants appreciate a rich, friable soil. The root system of clematis vines needs to be kept cool while the stems need sunlight. You can achieve this by planting clematis behind a small shrub or low-growing, leafy perennial.

Top dress the root zone with organic compost each spring.

You can also use a terracotta tile clematis root protector to keep the root zone cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Clematis Trellis

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Clematis climbers cling to thin supports by wrapping their leaf petioles around them. Trellises made of thick wooden slats will not work well.

You can suspend a clematis from wires or fishing line and this will work better as they are thin enough for the clematis leaves to grasp them.

If you have a wooden trellis you wish to use, staple trellis netting to it. The climbing vine will hide the netting as it matures.

Another plant can be used as a climbing clematis support. A climbing rose and clematis vine can be paired if the flower colors and bloom times are carefully coordinated.

Transplanting Clematis Plants

Clematis Collection, Old Glory

Clematis Collection, Old Glory

In caring for your clematis you may need to move it. Do this in late winter or very early in the spring before new growth begins.

Prepare the new planting hole. Dig it deep–clematis roots can extend 4 feet into the soil. Place a shovelful of manure or compost and a handful of bone meal into the hole.

Prune your clematis back to about 18 inches. Dig it up. Get as much of the clematis root system out in one piece as you can but don’t worry about trying to get it all. You can’t.

Set the plant into the new hole 3 inches deeper than it was before. You want to bury 1 or 2 pairs of latent buds (leave the clematis leaves on). The portion of stem you bury will form new roots and give the transplant a better chance of surviving the move.

Water the plant now. Mud it in. Keep it moist for the next 2 years until it is well established before allowing it to withstand drought conditions.

Growing Clematis in a Pot

Clematis, Golden

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Growing clematis in a pot can allow you to grow the more tender evergreen clematis varieties. Simply move the pots inside for the winter.

While indoors, keep the plants cool and well ventilated. Keep the soil nearly dry.

When you set them back out into the garden for the summer, remember to set the container where it will be shaded and the top of the plant will be in the sun. Keep the pot watered and add a water soluble fertilizer monthly. Top dress the plant with organic compost each spring just after setting it out.

Purchase Clematis Plants

Clematis Multi BlueClematis Multi BlueCompact growing clematis rebloomer offers multiple seasons of color!
Clematis RomantikaClematis RomantikaVery deep purple flowers with yellow stamens bloom from July to September.
Glacier Ice ClematisGlacier Ice ClematisClassic Clematis form in a non-climbing variety!
Volcano ClematisVolcano ClematisHardy vines are literally covered with flamboyant blooms.
Passion Flower ClematisPassion Flower ClematisAn eye-catching variety that’s the perfect adornment for arbors, posts and trellises.

Clematis Care
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Pruning Clematis
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Clematis Armandii
Clematis armandii bears a lightly fragrant, white clematis flower. An unusual four petal clematis, it looks like 2 propeller blades connected in the center by a tiny brush.

Clematis Vitalba
Growing Clematis vitalba, also known as traveler’s joy or wild clematis old mans beard. This is a white flowered vine native to Europe, southwest Asia, and north Africa.

Allamanda Plant
Allamanda cathartica or yellow allamanda plant is an evergreen vine which produces 5 inch long trumpet flowers all summer long.

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