‘Hansa’ Rose Rugosa Rose Hybrid

The ‘Hansa’ rose is a deep pink, double-flowered Rugosa hybrid. This is a strongly fragrant rose whose showy 4 inch flowers are followed by the large red hips typical of Rugosa roses.

Rose – Hansa – Hybrid Rugosa
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.
Introduced in 1905 by Schauman and Van Tol of The Netherlands, this cold hardy shrub rose grows from 4-8 feet tall and wide depending on climate.It begins blooming in late spring or early summer and repeats throughout the season. The heavy flowers tend to bow the weak stems but the scent of cloves wafting on the evening breeze will stir you to forgive this single fault.The wrinkled foliage is leathery and disease free. It remains attractive all season long.

In The Rose Bible, Rayford Clayton Reddell refers to ‘Hansa’ as a “poor man’s ‘Roseraie de l’Hay’ because of its similar, unique pink-purple bloom color.

‘Roseraie de l’Hay’ grows to twice the height and is more fragrant, but the smaller ‘Hansa’ is the more manageable landscape shrub and flowers more freely.

‘Hansa’ roses are wind and salt tolerant like other Rugosas. They are gorgeous in bloom when planted in a row as a windbreak and will do well on the beach.

Her flowers are not long lasting when cut but the hips are beautiful additions to floral arrangements. They also make good rose hip wine. Place the petals of a few flowers into a bowl to lend a spicy potpourri fragrance to a room.

Prune ‘Hansa’ only to remove dead, crossing, or very old wood. Stems may be headed back by as much as 1/3 to reduce the plant’s height in early spring.

Recommended planting zones: 3a-9b

‘Hansa’s’ parentage is unknown.

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