‘Honey Perfume’ Rose

The apricot-yellow rose flowers of the ‘Honey Perfume’ rose bush are spicily fragrant. Floribunda Rosa ‘Honey Perfume’ is an AARS winner so you know it will perform well in your garden.

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Growing Tip:

This is one of the few roses that performs well in the deep south.

The flowers of this fragrant rose will scent a room when they are used in cut flower arrangements.

The plant blooms in clusters which repeat throughout the growing season. When all your perennials have stopped blooming for the year, ‘Honey Perfume’ will still be cranking out new buds. The growth habit is upright (unusual for Floribunda roses ) to 3 or 4 feet tall.

The flowers may appear to be yellow, apricot or peach depending on the climate and the season.

‘Honey Perfume’ is a real rose garden work horse. The dark green, glossy foliage of this vigorous rose plant is exceptionally disease resistant.You will not need to spray it against black spot or mildew.Plant ‘Honey Perfume’ in part shade in very hot or dry climates, in full sun elsewhere. Space the rose bushes 2-3 feet apart.

It will bloom the year you plant it but will put on a bigger flower show the following year.

It is hardy in zones 6a-10b.

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