‘Hot Cocoa’ Rose Orange Floribunda Roses

The best feature of the ‘Hot Cocoa’ rose is its unique flower color: deep orange dusted with baking cocoa. But this Floribunda rose has more to offer; it is mildly fragrant and disease resistant too.

The beautiful flowers of the 'Hot Cocoa' rose.

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Photos do not do this rose justice.

Surround it with yellow or gold roses which will emphasize its rare shade.

Alternatively, pair it with low growing white flowered perennials or sun loving annuals for a classy garden display.

Rosa ‘Hot Cocoa’ was hybridized by Carruth and introduced in 2003. It is a Modern Cluster Flowered or Floribunda rose.

The plant is unusual, not only in color but in flower form. The blooms are shaped like Hybrid Tea rose flowers, especially before they fully open.

The moderately full, double blooms contain as many as 29 ruffled petals.

I don’t really know what to say about the color. You can see how gorgeous it is in the picture above. The flowers are even more stunning in real life.

Deep orange roses with a little brown blended in. Strong light intensifies the hue and, as is typical of rose flower colors, the weather affects them.

As the blooms age, the color deepens. Sometimes a bit of purple will enter the mix.

Hot Cocoa rose flower turning purple.

‘Hot Cocoa’ roses grow to a height of 3-4 feet. The magnificent flower clusters form on the ends of strong, upright canes clothed in dark green, glossy leaves which make a dramatic backdrop for the blooms.

Rosa ‘Hot Cocoa’ displays good resistance to both black spot and powdery mildew. It is winter hardy and grows well in USDA zones 5a-10b.

The blooms repeat well into fall and make excellent cut flowers. Place a vase of them on your nightstand where their mild spicy perfume will inspire sweet dreams.

A similarly colored Floribunda rose called ‘Hot Chocolate’ was introduced by Simpson of New Zealand in 1986.

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