Hot Tub Deck Ideas

Use these hot tub deck ideas to take your backyard hot tub from ugly and exposed to pretty and private. Unique small deck design ideas. Hot tub deck landscaping picture.

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Backyard hot tubs are tension-easing miracle appliances but, let’s face it, they aren’t usually pretty. They are too big and bulky to blend with the rest of your hardscape if you simply plunk them down on a wooden deck or patio.

The solution:

Build your hot tub its own little deck.

Backyard Hot Tub
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This beautiful small deck has transformed what would otherwise be an awkward green box into an eye-pleasing after work retreat.

Can’t you just see yourself relaxing in this hot tub with a cool glass of whatever? The pergola provides dappled shade.

Every inch of space has been utilized by this design. The homeowners were able to have their big hot tub and keep their mature tree by building the deck to fit around the tree’s trunk.

A wooden fence, painted to match both the deck and the house, provides privacy.

Hot Tub
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This hot tub is sitting atop a sunny flagstone patio. The smart design of this stair-step deck eliminates the need for that tacky set of makeshift stairs you would otherwise have to use to get in and out of the water.

The pergola gives this small deck a more substantial and complete look while also providing a support on which to grow a vine if shade or additional landscape color is desired.

The semi-circular flower bed surrounding the deck echos the hot tub’s shape. Ferns and small shrubs have been used in order to preserve the view of this spacious backyard landscape from the patio.

Chateau De Feuilles, Anse De Marie Louise, South Coast, Island of Praslin, Seychelles
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A round hot tub is very unobtrusive when recessed into an elevated wooden deck. The tub’s sea blue color connects it to the sea view which is the major landscape element here.

Some of the large boulders in the landscape around the deck are natural. Others were brought in and strategically placed around the structure to give it a sense of enclosure and make it seem a natural part of this rugged landscape.

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