How To Prune Climbing Roses

Instructions for Pruning Roses That Bloom Once

How to prune climbing roses offers instructions for pruning climbing roses that bloom once in the spring. Pruning roses for spring bloom. When to prune roses.

Bright Red Rose Climbing Over Whitewashed Cottage, Crete
Bright Red Rose Climbing Over Whitewashed Cottage, Crete

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Most climbing roses flower repeatedly throughout the growing season. Other types bloom only once each spring. The two types require different pruning methods. This article is about pruning climbing roses that bloom just once each spring.

When to Prune Roses That Bloom Only Once

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Because these spring-blooming ramblers flower on wood produced after the previous season’s bloom, pruning them while they are dormant will keep them from blooming.

Prune these roses immediately after they finish blooming.

Wait until new shoots begin to form as these will tell you what wood is still productive.

How to Prune Roses That Only Bloom Once

Remove obviously unproductive older canes that show no signs of shooting by cutting them to the ground. Cut all other canes back to any strong growth they are producing. This new growth is where next springs blooms will form.

Remove damaged or crossing branches.

Pruning Climbing Roses – Repeat Bloomers

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Pruning climbing roses offers instructions for pruning roses that repeat bloom all season. How to prune climbing roses for the first 3 years after planting them. When to prune roses.

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