Gardenia Plant Care

Gardenia plant care and pruning guide. The heady perfume of the Gardenia flower is compelling enough to have every gardener south of the Mason-Dixon line planting a jasminoides bush in their yard. Gardeners who do not reside in the deep south can plant ‘Summer Snow’ or ‘Kleims Hardy’ Gardenias. Apartment and condo dwellers anyplace in the world can possess these elegant, jasmine-scented blooms… Continue reading Gardenia Plant Care

Hydrangea Plant Varieties

Buying, Care & Pruning Guide Heavy blooming Hydrangea plant varieties for sale. Planting and growing instructions for bush, tree, and climbing Hydrangeas. How to manipulate flower color in pink and blue shrubs. Buy Annabelle Hydrangea Plants A Hydrangea, in full blossom, is the most endearing of flowering shrubs.  In spring and summer, these old-fashioned bushes cover themselves with globes of… Continue reading Hydrangea Plant Varieties

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