The Architectural Aloe Tree

Aloe barberae syn. Aloe bainesii The Aloe tree, Aloe barberae syn. bainesii is a slow growing tree that matures into a striking landscape centerpiece. The heavy gray trunk and branches grow in an upright habit to a height of 30 feet or more in warm areas. Aloe barberae growing at the Huntington Botanical Garden. Young Aloe tree plants usually grow as a tuft of succulent leaves atop… Continue reading The Architectural Aloe Tree

Indoor Palm Plant Care

Indoor Palm Tree Care These simple-to-follow indoor palm plant care instructions will aid you in caring for many different types of indoor palm trees. Turn your home into a tropical paradise by growing potted palm trees. Indoor palm culture tips. Care: Indoor Palm Trees Areca Palm Tree Indoor Plant Caring for indoor palm plants is… Continue reading Indoor Palm Plant Care

Indoor Palm Trees Types

Types of Palm Trees to Grow as Tropical House Plants Indoor palm trees types. Types of palms that perform best as exotic house plants. Also, palm-like indoor trees you can raise as unusual, easy house plants. The indoor palms listed below will bring the atmosphere of the tropics into your home. Potted Areca Palm Trees… Continue reading Indoor Palm Trees Types

Indoor Corn Plant Care

Dracaena fragrans House Plant Indoor corn plant care instructions. Care for Dracaena fragrans. Pruning a Dracaena palm house plant.  What, when, and how much to feed it. Propagation and problem solving advice. Dracaena fragrans is called the indoor corn plant because its leaves closely resemble those of the world’s most popular grain. They are green, 4-5 inches wide and… Continue reading Indoor Corn Plant Care

Dracaena deremensis

‘Janet Craig’ Dracaena Palm Dracaena deremensis encompasses several attractive plants. The most well known of the group is the cultivar ‘Janet Craig’. Its 4 inch wide, dark green leaves can reach a length of 18 inches. This gives mature plants a palm-like appearance. Young plants will retain all their foliage for many years. Only with age will the… Continue reading Dracaena deremensis

The Two-Faced Lady Palm

Rhapis excelsa: the Palm Tree thatMoonlights as a Hedge The lady palm, Rhapis excelsa, grows thickly enough (when left to her own devices) to be planted as a hedge. When the lady is pruned so as to expose her slender canes, she takes on a whole different character. Planting Japanese Rhapis palms in the landscape and in pots. Palm… Continue reading The Two-Faced Lady Palm