Insects on Rosemary

by Phyllis
(Greensboro, NC USA)

What insects are attracted to rosemary? Also, on my rosemary plant there are little brown seed like pods on the stems. Are these insects or seeds?

Plant Guides Response:

Hi Phyllis,

As, I have been growing rosemary for more than a decade and have never seen any bugs on the plants, (Insects usually avoid very aromatic herbs.) I believe you are looking at seed pods.

Just so that everyone knows: it is much easier for me to diagnose a plant problem if I can see it. You can upload a picture from any folder on your computer.

  1. Take the photo.
  2. Create a folder or place it in an existing folder on your computer.
  3. Click on one of the “Browse” buttons above.
  4. Chose the correct file.
  5. Write a caption.
  6. If the picture won’t upload, it’s too big. Use a photo editor to resize it.

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