Instructions for Pruning Roses How to Prune All Types of Rose Plants

Instructions for pruning roses secrets revealed. How to prune roses for maximum bloom. Pruning carpet, climbing, shrub and tree roses. Pruning techniques and thorn resistant rose gardening gloves.

Pruning Your Roses for Bigger Blooms

'Hot Cocoa' Floribunda roses.

‘Hot Cocoa’ Floribunda Roses

These rose pruning tips apply to all modern roses but especially to Hybrid Tea roses.

There are 2 ways to prune these shrubs: high and low.

High pruning produces a larger, fuller plant with a greater number of smaller blooms. Low pruning produces a compact plant with fewer but bigger flowers. Use this technique if space is tight or you are growing the roses for exhibition purposes.

High Pruning of Roses

Remove only dead, broken or crossing stems. Remove any shoots that are growing into the center of the plant. Aim to create an open vase shape. Do not shorten the remaining stems. You can trim off any branch tips that were damaged over the winter.

Low Pruning of Roses

Follow the instruction for high pruning your roses. Then, shorten the remaining branches to half their current height. Remember to make your cuts just above an outward facing bud so that the open, vase shape of the rose bush will be maintained.

For larger rose flowers, disbud the stems during the growing season. Allow only the first rosebud that forms at the stem tip to grow. Pinch off all the other buds that form below this one as soon as you notice them. This forces the energy that would normally be devoted to developing several blooms into the one that remains, enlarging the flower.

Pruning Rose Suckers

Occasionally, the rootstock of a grafted rose will send up a sucker.

Suckers are fast-growing shoots that emerge from below the bud union (the knot on the main stem or “trunk” of the rose where the desirable plant connects to the rootstock). They have small leaves with serrated edges which will be different from the rest of the leaves.

If left in place, a sucker will soon overgrow the grafted plant above it and choke it.

If you think your rose has formed a sucker, gently remove the soil from around its base until you can see where it is growing from. If it is coming from above the bud union, it is not a sucker. Leave it alone.

If it is coming from below the bud union, prune it off flush to the main stem.

When to Prune Roses

A hedge of 'Constance Spry'.

Shrub Rose ‘Constance Spry’ Pruned as a Hedge

How to determine the best time to prune roses. Optimal time to prune rose bush plants. When to prune rose bushes. When to prune climbing roses.

How to Prune Climbing Roses That Only Bloom Once

How to prune climbing roses offers instructions for pruning rambling roses that bloom once in the spring. Pruning roses for spring bloom.

The instructions apply to such roses as Rosa banksiae and ‘American Pillar’.

Pruning Climbing Roses That Repeat

A pink rose climbing a brick wall.

Pruning climbing roses offers instructions for pruning roses that repeat bloom all season. How to prune climbing roses for the first 3 years after planting them.

Deadhead repeat blooming climbers throughout the growing season to make them produce more and more flowers.

Use the instructions on this page to prune roses like:

‘Golden Showers’‘Climbing Iceberg’‘Dortmund’
‘New Dawn’‘William Baffin’
‘Don Juan’‘Climbing Peace’‘Rambling Red’‘4th of July’‘Aloha’‘Blaze’‘Climbing Blue Moon’‘Joseph’s Coat’‘Casa Blanca’‘Henry Kelsey’

Pruning Modern Rose Bushes

'Queen Elizabeth' roses.

The Statuesque ‘Queen Elizabeth’ Should Not Be Pruned too Low

Pruning rose bushes offers instructions for pruning roses using hand or power tools. Basics of pruning Hybrid Tea roses. Pruning standard tree roses. Pruning miniature roses.

Modern Roses: All the various incarnations of ‘Peace’‘Mister Lincoln’‘Livin Easy’‘Medallion’‘Memorial Day’, ‘Americana’, ‘Paradise’‘Perfume Delight’, ‘Country Lady’, ‘Tropicana’‘Blue Girl’, ‘Allspice’, ‘Victory’‘Cuthbert Grant’‘Double Delight’, ‘Cary Grant’

Pruning Shrub Roses – Heritage Roses

'Comte de Chambord'

‘Comte de Chambord’, an Old Portland Shrub Rose

Pruning shrub roses teaches you how to prune heritage rose bushes. Modern, old garden and antique shrub rose pruning instructions.

Heritage Roses: ‘Mutabilis’, ‘Old Blush’‘American Beauty’‘Green Rose’, ‘Ducher’, ‘Duchesse De Brabant’,

Modern Shrubs: ‘Bonica’, ‘Graham Thomas’,’Constance Spry’ which can also be trained as a climber, ‘Carefree Delight’‘Freedom’‘Champlain’‘Pillow Fight’, the Meidiland Landscape Shrubs, ‘China Doll’, ‘Belle Poitevine’

Pruning Knockout Roses

About the pruning of Knock Out rose bushes. When to prune easy does it Knockout roses. Trimming and pruning double Knockout roses. Deadheading Knockout roses.

Pruning Carpet Roses

Pruning groundcover roses is very easy. Just trim the plants back to 10 inches each spring with a hedge trimmer. Clip back wayward shoots at any time to achieve the shape you desire.

Pruning Floribunda Roses

The climbing Floribunda 'Angel Face'.

The Climbing Floribunda ‘Angel Face’

For the major spring pruning, follow the instructions for “Low pruning rose bushes” given above.

To encourage rebloom in Floribunda roses, deadhead the spent flower clusters. Remove as little of the stem as possible when you deadhead these. If you cut too far down the stems you may not get much rebloom. You can actually snap the old flowers off with your gloved fingers.

The place where the stems will snap is called the abscission point. If you look closely at the intact stems you can see this area. It is marked by a faint ring.

This is also a good technique for pruning Tea roses and China roses.

Floribunda Roses: ‘Iceberg’, ‘Moondance’, ‘Playboy’‘Nearly Wild’‘Nicole’, ‘Gruss An AAchen’, ‘Easy Going’‘Honey Perfume’, ‘Greensleeves’

Pruning Rugosa Roses

Rosa rugosa is one of the easiest roses to prune. It is a wild rose that really does not need much pruning at all. Just trim it to shape it or reduce its size a bit.

Every few years, you might want to cut out an old cane at the base to make room for new, more productive, canes to grow.

You will not want to deadhead a Rugosa rose too late into the season because then the large, beautiful rose hips will not have time to develop.

Rugosa Roses: ‘Hansa’‘Wildberry Breeze’‘Therese Bugnet’

Rose Pruning Gloves & Tools

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