Summer Savory Herb

Satureja hortensis Summer savory herb, Satureja hortensis is the annual twin of Satureja montana,the perennial winter savory herb. Order Satureja hortensis Herb Seeds Summer and winter savory have aromatic gray-green leaves and bear loose spikes of pink, white, or lavender blossoms in the summer. Summer or garden savory is bushy, growing 18 inches high and wide. Growing Savory Satureja hortensis Herbs:… Continue reading Summer Savory Herb

What Are Rose Hips and How Can They Benefit You?

What are rose hips is about growing, harvesting and using the fruit of the rose. Medicinal uses and rose hips benefit arthritis sufferers. Why rosa Rugosa hips are preferred for syrup, jam and jelly. Our Favorite Rose Hip Posters Tabby-Tortoiseshell Kitten Among Horsetails and Rose Hips Rose hips are the small, usually red, fruits that form on… Continue reading What Are Rose Hips and How Can They Benefit You?

Drying Cayenne Peppers

Drying cayenne peppers to use in cooking or for cayenne health benefits. Health benefits of cayenne pepper. How to make cayenne pepper powder and capsules. Chillies in Spice…Sakis …Buy This at Remember: Any thin-walled hot pepper can be dried using the instructions on this page for drying cayenne peppers. How you want to use the… Continue reading Drying Cayenne Peppers

Cayenne Pepper Healing

Cayenne pepper healing explores the health benefits of cayenne pepper. Cayenne health benefits derive from the cayenne extract capsaicin. The many benefits of capsaicin can be enjoyed by using it both internally and topically. You can take advantage of the benefits of cayenne pepper on the digestive tract and internal organs by swallowing a couple… Continue reading Cayenne Pepper Healing

Outdoor Basil Problems …

I have a friend of mine who has basil planted in a pot on his lanai. The soil stays moist (waters once a week) and consists of Black Cow mixed with top-soil. The plant stays in a sunny spot (it gets afternoon and evening sun). The leaves, mainly at the bottom, are turning yellow with… Continue reading Outdoor Basil Problems …

Growing Cayenne Peppers

Capsicum annuum Growing cayenne peppers. How to grow the cayenne pepper plant, Capsicum annuum. The best way to experience the benefits of cayenne herb is to grow your own hot pepper plants. Cooking with cayenne pepper. Great Price on Double Knock Out® Rose Collection Growing Cayenne from Seed Buy Pepper, Hot Ristra Cayenne Hybrid 1 Pkt. (30 seeds)… Continue reading Growing Cayenne Peppers

Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Curing with Cayenne Herb Supplements Health benefits of cayenne pepper. Curing with cayenne herb supplements. Cayenne pepper healing power, cures and health secrets. “Pepper, Hot Long Red Slim Cayenne 1 Pkt. (100 seeds)” Cayenne peppers, Capsicum annuum are valued by cooks the world over for the spicy “bite” they add to foods. The phytochemical or plant chemical… Continue reading Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper

Rosemary Infestation?

by Alison(Chesapeake, VA) Three weeks ago I bought two rosemary plants from the local nursery. They have both remained in my kitchen, at a window that gets excellent light and they have received adequate water. Within the past week, I have noticed white specks on the leaves and that the leaves are drying and turning… Continue reading Rosemary Infestation?

Harvesting Parsley Seeds

How do I harvest seeds from my parsley for next years crop? Botanical Journeys Plant Guides Parsley is a biennial so it will not flower until its second year in the ground. Because of this, most gardeners pull the plants out at the end of each growing season and start new plants from purchased seed… Continue reading Harvesting Parsley Seeds

Tannins in Rose Hips Tea

I have osteoarthritis, but tannins in tea make me hurt worse. Although, I want to drink rose hip tea, I am afraid it will give me a flare-up like other tea does that contain tannins. I am interested in tea to help my low thyroid function also. Botanical Journeys Plant Guides Rose hip tea does contain… Continue reading Tannins in Rose Hips Tea