Tannins in Rose Hips Tea

I have osteoarthritis, but tannins in tea make me hurt worse. Although, I want to drink rose hip tea, I am afraid it will give me a flare-up like other tea does that contain tannins. I am interested in tea to help my low thyroid function also. Botanical Journeys Plant Guides Rose hip tea does contain… Continue reading Tannins in Rose Hips Tea

Insects on Rosemary

by Phyllis(Greensboro, NC USA) What insects are attracted to rosemary? Also, on my rosemary plant there are little brown seed like pods on the stems. Are these insects or seeds? Plant Guides Response: Hi Phyllis, As, I have been growing rosemary for more than a decade and have never seen any bugs on the plants,… Continue reading Insects on Rosemary

Pests of Cilantro

I found some small white insects in my cilantro. They are also in the petunias that I have . How can I get rid of them? Plant Guides Answer: Because you did not send a picture of the insects I’m just guessing but I think you are dealing with either white fly or mealy bugs.… Continue reading Pests of Cilantro

Parsley Side Effects

by Andrew(Macon , GA) I currently have a lot of parsley growing in my yard. I’m using it as an edging around a vegetable garden. The weather here is cool and damp right now which seems to encourage its growth. Needless to say, my family has been eating a lot of parsley lately. More than… Continue reading Parsley Side Effects