Knock Out Roses

Rosa ‘RADrazz’

The various Knock Out roses and the new Knockout rose bush knock-offs: ‘White Out’, a white Knock Out and ‘Home Run’, a rich red Knockout descendant. Landscaping with Knock Out shrub roses.

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Knockout roses are the most popular “family” of roses in North America. Their low maintenance requirements make them perfect landscape roses.

There are several members of the Knock Out or Rosa ‘RADrazz’ family:

The original Knock Out rose, the double, pink, the pink double, the Rainbow Knock Out, Blushing Knock Out, and Sunny Knock Out.

The have different flower colors but the same growth characteristics.

Marketed as the most disease resistant roses in commerce today, they require no special care. You can just treat them like any other flowering shrub you have.

Knock Out roses will grow 3-4 feet high and wide in one season.

Flower clusters appear in flushes about every 6 weeks until stopped by frost.

The plants are cold tolerant to USDA zone 5* and heat tolerant throughout the U.S.

Single-flowered varieties produce seven-petaled, mildly fragrant blooms followed by orange-red hips which contrast nicely with their burgundy fall foliage.

Knock Out plants are drought tolerant and perform well in partial shade.

Rosa ‘RADrazz’ is so tough that it is planted in the medians in scorching, droughty Dallas Texas. Of course, it blooms more profusely with regular water.

Here, Knockout roses have been used in a commercial landscape design with Japanese privet trees.*Zone 5 growers have varying experiences overwintering these roses.

Some leave the shrubs uncovered and they come through the winter unscathed every year. Others find that without protection the roses either die to the ground and return in the spring, or they just don’t make it.

Use your best judgment as to whether or not to cover them.

Pink Knock Out Rose

Rosa ‘RADcon’

Cheapest Pink Knock Out® Rose

This variety is not as vigorous as the red Knockout rose. The red is the strongest grower of all the varieties of Knockout roses. It will grow to 5 feet tall and nearly as wide where summers are hot and wet.

If you want a more compact bush, plant the pink or blush varieties.

The highlighted headlines below are clickable. They lead to pages of pictures and growing information for that particular rose.

Blushing Knockout Rose

The single-flowered Rosa ‘RADyod’ is the Blushing Knockout rose. This plant features light pink roses fading to nearly white with age. It is sometimes referred to as Blush Knockout.

Double Knockout Rose

Double Knockout roses in my neighbor’s front yard.

I think the fuller blossoms of the doubles, especially the deep red double Knock Out roses, are more attention-getting than the singles when used in landscaping.

It stands to reason.

Each double flower carries 18-25 petals. This is about twice the petals as the single-flowered types.

Twice the petals equals twice the color.

Rose – Pink Double Knock Out® – Shrub
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.
Rose – Red Double Knock Out® – Shrub
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

The Yellow Knock Out Rose

Rose – Sunny Knock Out® – ShrubThe standard form of this cultivar is quite attractive and it can take the intense heat of a Florida patio.Sunny Knock Out® Rose Tree

The yellow variety is called Sunny Knock Out or Rosa ‘RADsunny’. I rarely see this cultivar for sale in the local nurseries here in Florida despite the fact that it thrives in hot, damp climates.

This is a great cultivar to use if you are landscaping in Florida.

Buy Knock Out Rose Trees

Pink Double Knock Out® Rose TreeRed Knock Out® Rose TreePolar Joy Rose Tree

The same easy-care rose grown to standard. This puts the flowers at a better viewing height and gives you color at a higher elevation in the landscape.

Whether used singly or in multiples, there is no easier way to add instant color to the garden.

A single Knockout rose tree can act as a floral exclamation point!

Set it where you wish to draw the viewer’s attention. Beside a low step that you want visitors to be sure to notice so as not to trip, for example. Or beside an entrance that does not exactly leap out at and say, “here I am”.

Remember to plant groups of these trees in odd numbers as odd groups are more visually pleasing. Let the size of the space determine precisely how many you install.

Spacing: This will vary according to your landscape or garden design but plant the trees at least 5 feet apart to insure that their crowns do not touch once they mature.

Plant them in a row if you wish to turn a piece of hardscape with straight edges, like a foot path or driveway, into a focal point.

Use the tried and true triangle-shaped layout when placing them in flower beds and borders.

Or, plant them in pairs. This is the exception that proves the odd numbered groups rule of garden design.

Use a pair of Knockout trees like bookends to flank an entrance or a bench. A pair of trees used in this way will bring balance and symmetry to your garden landscaping design.

Color Choice:

Rose – Red Knock Out® – Shrub
from: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc.

Red roses are classic and will best enhance traditional homes. The pink trees are more light-hearted and fun. Use these if your garden or personality are more romantic or eclectic.

Yellow is subtly uplifting and cheerful. It also compliments homes constructed of brown materials. Sunny Knockout can also be against a white wall where you want a color that will contrast but do it more quietly than would hot pink or red.

Unless you are designing a bed from scratch, you will need to consider how the color fits with your existing color scheme.

Also, if you are going to display the trees in pots, choose your containers carefully as these will make as big a statement in the planting scheme as the roses.

Choosing Pots for Container Roses

Caring for Rose Trees  Pruning Rose Trees

The New Knock Out Knock-offs

Order Home Run Roses‘White Out’

‘Home Run’ is the more richly-colored child of Knock Out. It is a bit more compact and rounded in its growth habit and comes into bloom more quickly.

‘Home Run’ is also more disease resistant than the original Knock Out. The red velvet petals of Rosa ‘Wekcisbako’ are sure to hit a home run in your home and garden landscape design.

William Radler’s Rosa ‘RADwhite’ or ‘White Out’ rose is the closest thing to a white Knock Out that you can get.

This plant is as drought tolerant, insect and disease resistant as you would expect a rose from the creator of the Knock Out series to be.

Another easy care shrub rose from the most celebrated rose breeder of this decade.

You can find care instructions for all the Knockout varieties, Here and pruning info, Here.

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