Hillside Landscaping Strategies

Ideas for hillside landscaping. The use of stairs in sloped landscape design. How to plant steep slopes. Using grass when landscaping on a slope. Terracing a hill with retaining walls. Landscaping on a slope is challenging.  The steeper the slope the more numerous the challenges. It is difficult, and can be dangerous, to walk or… Continue reading Hillside Landscaping Strategies

Landscaping with Boulders

Rock Garden Pictures and Ideas The rock garden ideas in landscaping with boulders will inspire you in gardening with rocks. Our beautiful photos and tips will make planning a rockery easy. This personality rock is a focal point in a garden in the city of Nassau on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas.… Continue reading Landscaping with Boulders

Wood Deck Ideas

Integrating Hardscape with Softscape Wood deck ideas for privacy and shade. Unique deck decorating ideas. Getting a wooden deck to blend into your landscape design. Tips for landscaping around decks. Pictures. This house overlooking the Atlantic ocean is a perfect example of how smooth the visual transition from hardscape to softscape can be. The home,… Continue reading Wood Deck Ideas

Ideas for Landscaping Walls

Beautiful, doable ideas for landscaping walls. Eye-pleasing and easy-to-achieve retaining wall landscape design. These landscape wall design pictures will inspire you to new heights in landscape gardening. Landscaping a Wall with Shrubs This is an unusual but effective way of landscaping a wall. Placing tall shrubs right up against a wall is something most gardeners… Continue reading Ideas for Landscaping Walls

The Three Best Reasons for Landscaping Under a Tree

Three things to keep in mind when landscaping under a tree. How landscaping beneath trees can make maintaining your yard easier. What’s shade got to do with understory landscape planning? This photo, taken at Dunlawton Sugar Mill Garden in Central Florida, depicts all three of the most compelling reasons for installing plants beneath a tree.… Continue reading The Three Best Reasons for Landscaping Under a Tree

Outdoor Room Ideas for Living All Over Your Lot

These outdoor room ideas will inspire you to transform your yard into an enjoyable open air living space. Examples of outdoor entertainment spaces. Creating an outdoor room on a small lot. Using plants as room dividers. Decadent Outdoor Living at Its Best! A well-designed outdoor living space extends the useable square footage of your home. … Continue reading Outdoor Room Ideas for Living All Over Your Lot

Terraced Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Terraced backyard landscaping ideas and pictures. Different landscape designs for terraced hillsides. The place of lawns in terraced flower gardens. Choice of materials for retaining walls. When is Terracing Appropriate? Super Steep Slopes: To create usable outdoor space on a slope too steep to be terraced, build a wooden deck. Terracing is one way of preventing erosion on… Continue reading Terraced Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Landscape Design Photos

Beautiful landscape design photos to give you ideas to use at your house. A large lawn divided into outdoor rooms. Small yard landscaping. A terraced backyard and a colorful shrub garden. Landscaping a Yard with a Large Lawn One way of handling a large lawn is to divide it up into a series of outdoor rooms as… Continue reading Landscape Design Photos

Walkway Ideas

Six Inviting Garden Path Designs Walkway ideas for using stepping stones or gravel to create beautiful garden paths. Pictures of six inviting garden path designs. Tips for landscaping walkways. Slate walkway through a beautiful spring garden. Aside from keeping our feet out of the mud and off the flowers, walkways hold a place of importance… Continue reading Walkway Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

5 backyard landscaping ideas: pictures of parterre gardens, a unique water feature, ideas for creating a focal point in the home landscape, tips for using curved lines, color, and garden art. 1. Add a Water Feature Handmade water feature made from a pail suspended over a bed of river rocks surrounded by clipped balls of Plumbago.… Continue reading Backyard Landscaping Ideas