Landscape Design Photos

Beautiful landscape design photos to give you ideas to use at your house. A large lawn divided into outdoor rooms. Small yard landscaping. A terraced backyard and a colorful shrub garden. Landscaping a Yard with a Large Lawn One way of handling a large lawn is to divide it up into a series of outdoor rooms as… Continue reading Landscape Design Photos

Walkway Ideas

Six Inviting Garden Path Designs Walkway ideas for using stepping stones or gravel to create beautiful garden paths. Pictures of six inviting garden path designs. Tips for landscaping walkways. Slate walkway through a beautiful spring garden. Aside from keeping our feet out of the mud and off the flowers, walkways hold a place of importance… Continue reading Walkway Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

5 backyard landscaping ideas: pictures of parterre gardens, a unique water feature, ideas for creating a focal point in the home landscape, tips for using curved lines, color, and garden art. 1. Add a Water Feature Handmade water feature made from a pail suspended over a bed of river rocks surrounded by clipped balls of Plumbago.… Continue reading Backyard Landscaping Ideas


Comprehensive guide for landscaping yards. Info to help you take your home landscape design to new heights of loveliness. Creative ideas for front, back, and small yards. Hillside and desert yard strategies, etc. Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Each part of a home landscape design serves a specific purpose.  The front yard is the face your… Continue reading Landscaping

The 3 Most Important Tropical Landscape Design Principles

Three simple steps to a show-stopping tropical landscape design. The most beautiful plants to use when landscaping tropical yards. How to add year-round color to tropical landscapes. Sunbury Plantation House, St. Phillip Parish, Barbados, Caribbean The plants used here include: tropical Hibiscus, Christmas palm trees, and the versatile sea grape. Asparagus ferns spill from the urns on either side of… Continue reading The 3 Most Important Tropical Landscape Design Principles

Garden Landscape Design Ideas from Pinewood Estate

In planning his winter residence, Charles Austin Buck placed the garden landscape design of Pinewood Estate before the architectural design of the house. Take inspiration from the beautiful flower bed designs surrounding this 1930s home. All of the gardens on the 7.59 acre Pinewood Estate were planned by landscape architect Williams Lyman Phillips. The garden… Continue reading Garden Landscape Design Ideas from Pinewood Estate

Vertical Gardening Ideas

Creating Height in the Landscape Living Green Wall Systems Creative vertical gardening ideas to help you create and use height in garden landscape design. Combining structures like arbors and trellises with the right climbers. Landscaping with trees and placing tall plants in flower bed designs. Using hanging baskets to draw the eye up while adding… Continue reading Vertical Gardening Ideas

Tips for Landscaping Arbors

Using an Arbor in GardenLandscape Design Advice for landscaping arbors. Pictures and ideas for incorporating an arbor into your home landscape design. Landscaping plant guide for arbors and pergolas. Click to See a Beautiful Selection of Landscaping Arbors If you erect something as large as an arbor in your landscape it is going to be… Continue reading Tips for Landscaping Arbors

Hillside Landscaping Strategies

Ideas for hillside landscaping. The use of stairs in sloped landscape design. How to plant steep slopes. Using grass when landscaping on a slope. Terracing a hill with retaining walls. Landscaping on a slope is challenging.  The steeper the slope the more numerous the challenges. It is difficult, and can be dangerous, to walk or… Continue reading Hillside Landscaping Strategies