Vertical Gardening Ideas

Creating Height in the Landscape Living Green Wall Systems Creative vertical gardening ideas to help you create and use height in garden landscape design. Combining structures like arbors and trellises with the right climbers. Landscaping with trees and placing tall plants in flower bed designs. Using hanging baskets to draw the eye up while adding… Continue reading Vertical Gardening Ideas

Tips for Landscaping Arbors

Using an Arbor in GardenLandscape Design Advice for landscaping arbors. Pictures and ideas for incorporating an arbor into your home landscape design. Landscaping plant guide for arbors and pergolas. Click to See a Beautiful Selection of Landscaping Arbors If you erect something as large as an arbor in your landscape it is going to be… Continue reading Tips for Landscaping Arbors

Hillside Landscaping Strategies

Ideas for hillside landscaping. The use of stairs in sloped landscape design. How to plant steep slopes. Using grass when landscaping on a slope. Terracing a hill with retaining walls. Landscaping on a slope is challenging.  The steeper the slope the more numerous the challenges. It is difficult, and can be dangerous, to walk or… Continue reading Hillside Landscaping Strategies

Landscaping with Boulders

Rock Garden Pictures and Ideas The rock garden ideas in landscaping with boulders will inspire you in gardening with rocks. Our beautiful photos and tips will make planning a rockery easy. This personality rock is a focal point in a garden in the city of Nassau on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas.… Continue reading Landscaping with Boulders

Wood Deck Ideas

Integrating Hardscape with Softscape Wood deck ideas for privacy and shade. Unique deck decorating ideas. Getting a wooden deck to blend into your landscape design. Tips for landscaping around decks. Pictures. This house overlooking the Atlantic ocean is a perfect example of how smooth the visual transition from hardscape to softscape can be. The home,… Continue reading Wood Deck Ideas

Ideas for Landscaping Walls

Beautiful, doable ideas for landscaping walls. Eye-pleasing and easy-to-achieve retaining wall landscape design. These landscape wall design pictures will inspire you to new heights in landscape gardening. Landscaping a Wall with Shrubs This is an unusual but effective way of landscaping a wall. Placing tall shrubs right up against a wall is something most gardeners… Continue reading Ideas for Landscaping Walls

Best White Flowering Trees for the Home Landscape

Evergreen white flowering trees you can plant for summer fragrance and bloom. Deciduous trees with white flowers that will shower your landscape in clouds of small blossoms each spring. Tropical and fruit-bearing trees. White Flowering Deciduous Trees Washington Hawthornefrom: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. Royal White Redbudfrom: Nature Hills Nursery, Inc. Japanese Tree Lilac For fragrant flowers and… Continue reading Best White Flowering Trees for the Home Landscape

Ornamental Spring Flowering Trees

A list of spring flowering trees with pictures. The list is divided, simply, by type. Dogwood, cherry, pear, crabapple, redbud and plum spring blooming trees. Buy hardy ornamental trees here. Dwarf and weeping forms available. Pink Flowering Dogwood White Kousa Dogwood Yoshino Cherry Growing Advice: Plant these trees in full sun to get the biggest… Continue reading Ornamental Spring Flowering Trees

List of Perennial Flowers with Names and Pictues

Different Types of Perennials A list of perennial flowers for sun and shade. The best types of perennials for every garden. Perennial plant care tips. Buy orange, yellow, pink, and red flowering plants that bloom in spring, summer, and fall. Herbaceous borders filled with long flowering perennials. Flowering perennials play many roles in the landscape.… Continue reading List of Perennial Flowers with Names and Pictues

A Backyard Landscape Design Dominated by Water

Pictures of a Mediterranean backyard landscape design built around a pond. The hardscape featured here includes: a patio, covered outdoor walkways, and a garden summer house. Ideas for landscaping a hill. Safety Tip: A pond should always be well lit at night. You wouldn’t want a guest to accidentally wander into it. Thoughtfully placed lighting can… Continue reading A Backyard Landscape Design Dominated by Water