Terraced Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Terraced backyard landscaping ideas and pictures. Different landscape designs for terraced hillsides. The place of lawns in terraced flower gardens. Choice of materials for retaining walls. When is Terracing Appropriate? Super Steep Slopes: To create usable outdoor space on a slope too steep to be terraced, build a wooden deck. Terracing is one way of preventing erosion on… Continue reading Terraced Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Landscape Design Photos

Beautiful landscape design photos to give you ideas to use at your house. A large lawn divided into outdoor rooms. Small yard landscaping. A terraced backyard and a colorful shrub garden. Landscaping a Yard with a Large Lawn One way of handling a large lawn is to divide it up into a series of outdoor rooms as… Continue reading Landscape Design Photos

Walkway Ideas

Six Inviting Garden Path Designs Walkway ideas for using stepping stones or gravel to create beautiful garden paths. Pictures of six inviting garden path designs. Tips for landscaping walkways. Slate walkway through a beautiful spring garden. Aside from keeping our feet out of the mud and off the flowers, walkways hold a place of importance… Continue reading Walkway Ideas

Backyard Landscaping Ideas

5 backyard landscaping ideas: pictures of parterre gardens, a unique water feature, ideas for creating a focal point in the home landscape, tips for using curved lines, color, and garden art. 1. Add a Water Feature Handmade water feature made from a pail suspended over a bed of river rocks surrounded by clipped balls of Plumbago.… Continue reading Backyard Landscaping Ideas


Comprehensive guide for landscaping yards. Info to help you take your home landscape design to new heights of loveliness. Creative ideas for front, back, and small yards. Hillside and desert yard strategies, etc. Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Each part of a home landscape design serves a specific purpose.  The front yard is the face your… Continue reading Landscaping

Waterfall Landscape Design Ideas Rock Garden Waterfalls

Stunning waterfall landscape design pictures and tips to inspire you in landscaping around your rock garden waterfall. Discover which plants are best to use around a rock water garden. Great Price on Double Knock Out® Rose Collection Plants for Landscaping Waterfalls Palm Trees Tropical landscape designs and water features belong together like Hibiscus flowers and Hawaiian islands and… Continue reading Waterfall Landscape Design Ideas Rock Garden Waterfalls

Swimming Pool Landscape Design

Pool Landscaping Pictures Need help planning your swimming pool landscape design? These photos will inspire and excite you. Tropical landscaping tips and ideas for planting around a pool in a temperate climate. I’ll start with the swimming pool landscape designs that are not in the tropics or subtropics. This photo is an example of backyard… Continue reading Swimming Pool Landscape Design

The Importance of Water in Desert Landscape Design

Five different ways to use water in a desert landscape design. How to create the “oasis illusion” in desert landscaping designs. Pictures of gardens in Arizona, California and Morocco. Install a Pool or Fountain Pictures from Lotusland in CA Swimming pool in the Aloe Garden. Shell fountain at the pool’s edge. A pool, pond, or… Continue reading The Importance of Water in Desert Landscape Design