List of Perennial Flowers with Names and Pictues

Different Types of Perennials

A list of perennial flowers for sun and shade. The best types of perennials for every garden. Perennial plant care tips. Buy orange, yellow, pink, and red flowering plants that bloom in spring, summer, and fall.

Herbaceous borders filled with long flowering perennials.

Flowering perennials play many roles in the landscape. High-voltage colors like red and orange electrify a planting while cool blues and whites lend an air of sophistication to garden borders.

Those who find making decisions about color combinations challenging can design beautiful perennial gardens around a single color.  The subtle variations in flower shade and foliage textures keep these schemes interesting.

The plants featured here display a wide variety of growth habits.  There are spreading ground covers to help you create a colorful carpet in sun or shade, tall, bold perennials to draw attention to the back of a bed, and a host of easy-care perennials you can plant just about anywhere.

No matter what climate you live in, you’ll find plants on this list of perennial flowers that will flourish in your yard.

A Whole Page of Orange Perennial Flowers

Orange Perennials for Sale:

Phlox – Orange PerfectionDaylily – Primal ScreamConeflower – Julia

‘Julia’ Coneflowers grow to a height of 24″.  They produce their daisy flowers from spring through fall in zones 4-8.

The ‘Primal Scream’ Daylily measures about 3′ to the top of its bloom stalk.  This summer bloomer performs best in zones 3-9.

At 3′ tall, Orange Perfection’ Phlox is perfect for the middle of the border.  Plant it in zones 3-7.

ConeflowersPhlox, and Daylilies are all available in many other colors.

A List of Pink Perennial Flowers

Pink Perennials for Sale:

Gaura – Siskiyou PinkSedum – Birthday PartyFoxglove – Candy Mountain

‘Siskiyou Pink’ Gaura is a clump forming perennial that will spread to 3′ wide.  Pink blooms appear on whispy 2′ stalks from spring through fall in zones 5-9.

‘Birthday Party’ is a 7″ dwarf Sedum that blooms big! Its 5″ flower clusters obliterate the purplish foliage from late summer until the first freeze.  Plant this drought tolerant butterfly attractant in zones 4-9.

The flower spikes of  ‘Candy Mountain’ Foxglove sport unique upward-facing cups which puts their, normally hidden, spotted throats on full display!  Expect it to reach 3-4′ heights when planted in full sun to part shade in zones 4-9.

Digitalis foxglove plants are available in a variety of other colors and heights.

Yellow Perennial Flowers

Yellow Perennials for Sale:

Coneflower – DaydreamShasta Daisy, Banana CreamViolet – Etain

Echinacea ‘Daydream’ produces its fragrant blooms on stiff 2′ stalks.  A beautiful, deer resistant perennial for the late summer garden in zones 4-9.

Echinacea flowers in several other colors.

‘Banana Cream’ is the most delicious of Shasta Daisies.  Its flower petals open the color of cream pie and intensify as they age!  Compact growth to less than 2′ make this a great perennial plant to use in container gardens.  Grow this summer garden treat outdoors in zones 5-9.

‘Etain’ is a long flowering perennial violet featuring big blooms (1.75″) on very small (8″) plants.  The fragrant petals of the old fashioned blooms are a soft butter yellow edged in lavender.

Unlike most violets, ‘Etain’ is clump forming.  Plant it in USDA zones 5-8.

A List of Purple Perennial Flowers

Purple Perennials for Sale:

Veronica – EvelineClematis – Venosa ViolaceaPhlox – Pixie Miracle Grace

‘Eveline’ is a full sun perennial for the front of the border.  Its purple bloom spikes add color to the summer garden; its leaves turn purple in the fall. Tolerates dry soil in zones 4-9.

‘Venosa Violacea’ is a unique Clematis with flower petals colored purple and white. Plant it on a trellis or let is scramble through a climbing rose in zones 4-9.

Clematis vines come in many other flower colors and forms.  There are even a few bush types available, here.

Blue Perennial Flowers

Blue Perennials for Sale:

Delphinium – Summer NightsVeronica – Georgia BlueAmsonia – Blue Ice

Plant ‘Summer Nights’ where its navy blooms can be appreciated up close.  This dwarf Delphinium performs best in zones 3-7.

Speedwell ‘Georgia Blue’ is a fantastic perennial ground cover in zones 4-9.  In addition to electric blue spring flowers, it features ever-changing foliage.

The leaves start out reddish in spring, turn green for summer, and finish the season a beautiful bronze color.

‘Blue Ice’ is a compact-growing Amsonia adorned with light blue star-shaped spring flower clusters.  This hard working plant provides a second color display in the fall when its bright green leaves turn yellow.

Other Blue Perennials:

Lupins – also available in red, yellow, white, and orange

White to Green Perennial Flowers

Buy White Perennials:

Daylily – Ice CarnivalGeranium – Double JewelBellflower – White Clips

‘Ice Carnival’ is a 32″ (when blooming) tall, fragrant daylily for full to part sun locations in zones 3-9.

‘Double Jewel’ is a compact, heat tolerant perennial Geranium for zones 4-8.  It will accept dry soil when grown in semi-shade.  When planting it in full sun, keep it hydrated.

Campanula ‘White Clips’ adds a splash of bright white to the garden from spring through late summer.  At less than a foot tall, it makes a great edger in zones 3-8.

20 Low Maintenance White Flowers

List of Red Perennial Flowers

Buy Red Perennials:

Hibiscus – Luna RedBleeding Heart – Burning HeartsSedum – Autumn Fire

‘Luna Red’ is a hardy dinner plate Hibiscus that will add tropical sizzle to northern landscapes.  For best flowering, give it full sun and moist soil in zones 4-9.

‘Lord Baltimore’ is a bright red cultivar.

The rich red blooms of Dicentra ‘Burning Hearts’ dangle from the plant’s curved stems like necklace pendants.  This is one of the prettiest long blooming perennial flowers you can plant in shady zone 5-9 gardens.

The Best Shade Perennials

Astilbe – Visions in WhiteBrunnera – Jack FrostGeranium – Double Jewel

Tips for Designing a Shade Perennial Garden

Some of the most beautiful perennial flower plants thrive in shade.  You can install shade-tolerant plants under trees and create a woodland retreat.  Use these plants to brighten up those, sometimes, drab north-facing spots that all gardeners struggle with.

A List of Perennial Flowers for Shade:

Lungwort (Pulmonaria)TrilliumVioletJapanese AnemoneAllegheny Foamflower (Tiarella cordifolia)Columbine (Aquilegia canadensis)Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum)HostaAstilbeSiberian Bugloss (Brunnera macrophylla)Phlox stoloniferaBegonia grandis

Drought Tolerant Perennials

Sedum – AngelinaPhlox – Orange PerfectionGaura – Siskiyou Pink

When planting perennials in dry soil it is best to prepare the bed by working in a two inch layer of organic compost prior to installing the plants.  Then, only site drought tolerant plants in that area.  One water hog will steal all available moisture from the others jeopardizing the whole scheme.

A List of Perennial Flowers for Dry Soil:

Yarrow (Achillea hybrids)Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosa)Daylilies (Hemerocalis)Globe Thistle (Echinops ritro)YuccaGoldenrod (Solidago)Gayfeather (Liatris scariosa)Sea Lavender (Limonium latifolium)

Spring Perennials

Ajuga – Bronze BeautyAnemone – Pretty Lady DianaDianthus – Fire and Ice

Spring perennials provide us that long awaited first burst of color at the start of each growing season.  The flower colors of spring bloomers range from the delicate to the flamboyant. 

Be sure to plant several drifts of these around your landscape so you won’t have to wait a minute longer than necessary for spring to begin.

A List of Perennnial Flowers that Bloom in Spring:

Winter Pansies (Viola x wittrockiana)
Primrose (Polyanthus)IrisPaper White NarcissusCyclamen

Fall Perennials

Sedum – Autumn FireCoreopsis Mercury RisingGaillardia – Sunburst Scarlet Halo

The golden yellow and deep red flowers of these plants herald the season as clearly as a crisp fall breeze.  Fall’s palette is richer than spring’s, more subtle than summer’s but no less satisfying. 

These plants will help you savor the last few weeks of the growing season and end the gardening year on a high note.

A List of Perennial Flowers to Illuminate the Garden in Autumn:

Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia)AsterMexican Bush Sage (Salvia leucantha)Late Season Coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea)‘Autumn Joy’ Sedum
Butterfly Bush (Buddleia)

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