List of Pink Hybrid Tea Roses

Light and dark pink Hybrid Tea roses.  Pale and hot pink types of Large Flowered, long-stemmed roses. All shades from blush to fuchsia.

Hot Pink Roses

‘Miss All-American Beauty’‘Pink Peace’ Rose‘Perfume Delight’

‘Pink Peace’ is intensely fragrant, and the flowers are long-lasting when cut.  There is also a ‘Climbing Pink Peace’ Hybrid Tea rose. Both are disease resistant plants.

The Portland Gold Medal winning ‘Miss All-American Beauty’ bears 4-5 inch blooms which emit a strong tea rose fragrance and grow on disease resistant bushes to 5 feet tall.

The 5 inch double blooms of ‘Perfume Delight’ are intensely fragrant and produced in great abundance.  They are long-lasting cut flowers.

‘Curly Pink’Treasure PinkCannot Sell by Name at This Price

The shapely flowers of ‘Curly Pink’ contain 50 reflexed petals each!  This sub-zero rose is fully hardy and nearly disease free.

Treasure Pink features huge (7 inch) flowers that repeat well throughout the season.

Medium & Pale Pink Roses

 ‘Medallion’‘Memorial Day’Rosa ‘Meitroni’ Francis Meilland

‘Medallion’ features 7 inch shell pink and peach blend roses which are as impressive in the garden as they are in the vase. The fragrance of these  feminine flowers is as delicate as its coloring.

Francis Meilland is a new introduction for 2013. Its perfectly-shaped soft pink roses make great cut flowers.  The plant is vigorous and grows taller (to 7 feet) than the average Hybrid Tea rose.

The orchid pink flowers of the ‘Memorial Day’ rose exude a powerful Damask rose fragrance.  The 5 inch blooms hold up well in hot climates.

Pink Blends

‘Princess de Monaco’‘Chicago Peace’‘Love and Peace’

‘Princess de Monaco’ is one of the best Large Flowered bedding roses on this page.  The bushy plants are more compact than most with healthy foliage.

‘Love and Peace’ is a descendant of the world reknowned ‘Peace’ rose and an unknown seedling.  It exhibits more intense coloring and has demonstrated good resistance to the common rose diseases.

‘Chicago Peace’ is another child of the famous ‘Peace’.  It is a good bedding plant which grows densely enough for hedging.

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