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Livin Easy rose bushes are easy roses to grow. More stunning in bloom than even the easy does it Knockout roses, the Living Easy rose bears dark peach roses in great profusion all summer long.

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Livin Easy is a Harkness rose which was introduced in 1992.

I’m not sure how to classify it.

It is cluster flowered like a Floribunda but exhibits the growth habit and toughness of a landscape shrub rose.

Tall and bushy, Livin Easy (also called Fellowship and HARwelcome) can grow to a height of 6 feet if you allow it to. It can also easily be kept shorter (3-5 feet) with hard pruning each spring.

The glossy dark green leaves which offset the peach rose petals are incredibly resistant to the diseases which so often plague rose plants: black spot and mildew.

These qualities make it the perfect easy rose. If you are new to rose gardening, you can’t go wrong by planting a Living Easy rose bush.

Better yet, plant 3, 5, or 7 of them. They are never more stunning than when massed at the back of a border or lining a driveway. They grow thickly enough to be used as a low maintenance hedge and their thorns will deter your neighbor’s dog.

Livin Easy rose bloom.

This rose rivals Knockout in its blooming ability as well, covering itself in double orange roses continually from spring to frost.

The flowers are only mildly fragrant so mass them near the patio where you will be able to enjoy their subtle fragrance. The apricot roses are especially beautiful when back lit by the setting sun. Their ruffled petals seem to glow at this time of day.

Space these easy roses 3 feet apart in zones 4b-10b.

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Easy Going Rose
The Easy Going rose is a golden yellow to apricot sport of the easy care Livin Easy rose. The double, cupped blooms of this Floribunda rose appear repeatedly over a very long growing season.

Hot Cocoa Rose
The best feature of the Hot Cocoa rose is its unique flower color: deep orange dusted with baking cocoa. But the rose Hot Cocoa has more to offer. It is mildly fragrant and disease resistant too.

Queen Elizabeth Rose
The pink flower clusters of the Queen Elizabeth rose bush occur at the tips of the plant’s long, upright stems. Queen Elizabeth Grandiflora rose flowers are double, sweetly fragrant and nearly everblooming.

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