Memorial Day Rose Bush

Memorial Day rose bush and WWII Memorial rose rose bush. Memorial rose bushes are types of Hybrid Tea roses. Both are fragrant, pink Hybrid Tea roses.

Memorial Day rose bloom close up.

The Hybrid Tea rose Memorial Day, Rosa Wekblunez (also called Parfum de Liberte) was hybridized by Carruth and introduced in 2004 in which year it became an AARS winner.

Its 4 foot tall stems hold up very full double orchid pink rose flowers which emit a strong Damask rose fragrance. The petals of the feminine 5 inch blooms are both ruffled and reflexed.

These outstanding flowers begin coming in late spring or early summer and repeat throughout the growing season.

Memorial Day garden roses can be a bit slow to establish but are well worth the wait. A single blossom will scent a room.

It is heat tolerant and recommended for USDA zones 7a-10b.

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WWII Memorial Rose
Rose Bush

A similar rose to the Memorial Day rose is the WWII Memorial rose, Rosa Wezgrey, is a Hybrid Tea rose hybridized by Weeks and introduced in the year 2000.

The flowers of this 3-4 foot tall rose bush appear continuously throughout the summer months. The full double blooms are the classic Hybrid Tea flower shape–high centered with reflexed petals. They are sweetly fragrant and their color is unique. Blush pink with a cool hint of lavender.

This rose is disease resistant and heat tolerant. It is hardy in zones 7a-10b.

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