Miniature Rose Care

How to Care for Miniature Roses

Miniature rose care details how to properly care for miniature roses. Indoor mini rose care. All about growing miniature roses outdoors. Providing winter care for miniature rose bushes.

Miniature rose 'Snow Princess'.

This is the miniature rose Snow Princess blooming at Leu Gardens in Orlando, FL.

Indoor Mini Rose Care

Care for mini roses the same way you care for the Large Flowered types. Pot them in a high quality potting mix and keep them moist.

Place them in the brightest possible spot. The single biggest problem that indoor roses face is lack of light.

Temperatures between 62-72 degrees F. will keep them healthy and blooming. A glassed-in porch or cool greenhouse is the perfect environment but you can house them in any room that is kept cool and bright enough.

Feed your little beauty every 2 weeks with a high phosphorus liquid fertilizer at half-strength. A 15-30-15 formulation will give your mini roses all the phosphorus they need for heavy bloom.

Miniature Rose Care Outside

Rose Collection, Miniature

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The taller plants (miniature climbers, etc.) fare much better in the open ground than do plants under a foot tall. Plant and care for mini climbers the same as any other climbing rose.

Small mini rose bushes are best planted in pots. Repot them every other year. You can use the same size pot or even the exact same pot, just replace the soil.

When growing miniature roses in the ground, use them as an edging or at the front of a border, or as rock garden accents. Mini roses are not drought tolerant. Never allow them to dry out.

Winter Miniature Rose Care

Flat Sheet Frost Protection Cover

Flat Sheet Frost Protection Cover

Most varieties are hardy in zones 6-10 without protection but you might want to cover the smaller types, if there is no snow, to protect them from drying winter wind.

Protect minis in pots from freezes. Either sink them into the ground or store them in a frost free shed or garage until after the last hard freeze.

Winter Mini Rose Bush Care

Give indoor roses a winter rest.

  • Stop feeding them in midwinter.
  • Prune the plants and set the pots in a cool area and keep the soil dryer than you do during active growth but do not let it dry out completely.
  • The place where the plants rest can be very cold as long as it does not freeze. It does not need to be as bright as their normal growing area. Leave them there for 4-8 weeks.This will force them into dormancy. They will drop most of their leaves and look pitiful.When you are ready for active growth to begin again, bring the pots back into warmth and higher light. Water them and, when you see new growth, begin feeding them again. They’ll be blooming again in just a few weeks.

    Miniature Rose Care
    Pruning Miniature RosesRose, Miniature RedBuy a Miniature Red Rose HereMiniature roses pruning is not the fussy ordeal that it can be with large garden roses. Just trim the plant back by one third of its height using sharp scissors.There’s no need to count leaves or concern yourself about which way the nodes are facing. These little roses will naturally grow into well-shaped plants. You can help this process along with your scissors just after a flush of bloom.

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