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Weigela florida

Weigela florida shrubs: ‘Wine and Roses’, variegated, ‘Midnight Wine’, ‘Spilled Wine’, ‘Red Prince’, ‘My Monet’, ‘Java Red’ and many other types. Also, growing and pruning info.

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If old fashioned charm and masses of late spring to early summer flowers on a hardy, reliable shrub are what you’re looking for, you are in the right spot.

There is sure to be a W. florida variety on this page that will fill your garden landscape design bill.

These are long-lived landscape shrubs that will grow nearly anywhere and lend a heritage look to any garden.

My grandmother's Weigela shrub.This bush was planted by my grandmother more than 40 years ago.It still blooms every year.

Most cultivars are weeping shrubs which will top out at 4-6 feet in height. ‘Minuet’ Weigela is a dwarf growing 2-3 feet tall. ‘Midnight Wine’ tops out at just 24 inches. Its dark foliage makes it a dramatic container plant.

These are low-maintenance plants which should be enjoyed as such.

Allow them to grow naturally, as shearing will destroy the charm their lax, and somewhat unruly, stems offer to any planting bed.

Now, on to the question at the top of everyone’s mind:

How Do You Say It?

Any way you want to.

There is so much disagreement on the correct pronunciation of this word that the argument will likely never be settled.

I say wedge-ella but you may say way-gee-la, if you like. I won’t mind.

No matter how you pronounce it, one thing remains true. These are flowering shrubs with heirloom style.

There are large and small-flowered cultivars. The funnel-shaped blossoms of the small-flowered types remind me of 4 o’clock flowers. The larger flowers look more like azalea blooms.

In either case, the white, red or pink flowers are fragrant and appear en masse, nearly masking the medium green, pointed and veined foliage.

Variegated Weigela

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Pink flowers on a 4-6 foot tall fountain of green and white leaves. The first flush of bloom occurs in late spring, but wait to prune it until after the autumn blossoms have fallen.

The cultivars ‘My Monet’ and ‘French Lace’ are also variegated.

Weigela by Color

Dwarf Weigela ‘Nain Rouge’Order ‘Pink Princess’Buy ‘Wine and Roses’
White Flowers
Pink Flowers
‘Pink Princess’Pink Delight”Variegata”Sonic Bloom Pink’My Monet”Wine and Roses”French Lace’My Monet Sunset”Spilled Wine”Shining Sensation”Midnight Wine’
Red Flowers
‘Bristol Ruby”Red Prince”Minuet”Java Red”Newport Red”Ghost’
Red Leaves
‘Spilled Wine”Shining Sensation”Midnight Wine’

Pruning Weigela

Lowest Price on Pink WeigelaDwarf ‘Spilled Wine’Order Purple ‘Rumba’

Weigelas bloom on new wood and on wood from the previous season. Because flowers will not form on old wood, you need to keep the plant “young” in order to keep it flowering heavily each season.

There are a couple of different ways of achieving this:

  1. Cut out all stems which have just finished flowering at ground level. New shoots will emerge from the roots. Keep the most vigorous of these and remove the weak ones.
  2. Trim the whole top of the shrub back to half its height every other year.

The second method is simpler and gives similar results to the first.

You can root some of the trimmings to make new plants.

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