Iceberg Rose BushRosa KORbin

White, burgundy and pink ‘Iceberg’ rose bushes. White ‘Climbing Iceberg’ Floribunda roses. Planting, pruning and care of Rosa KORbin, the best all-purpose rose in the world. Buy an ‘Iceberg’ Rose Tree ‘Iceberg’ (also called ‘Schneewittchen’ and ‘Fee des Neiges’) at 6-8 feet tall is one of the largest of the Floribunda rose bushes. It is also one of the most… Continue reading Iceberg Rose BushRosa KORbin

‘Angel Face’ Rose

Rosa ‘Angel Face’ The lavender blooms of the ‘Angel Face’ rose make it one of the prettiest of the purple Floribunda rose bushes. Its disease resistance is an added bonus. Buy ‘Climbing Angel Face’ roses too. Lowest Price on ‘Angel Face’ Rose Bush Keep in Mind: The ‘Angel Face’ Floribunda rose exhibits greater disease resistance in dry,… Continue reading ‘Angel Face’ Rose

Bromeliad Plant Care

Bromeliad plant care is a breeze. Bromelaiads are unique, low-maintenance plants related to pineapples. They don’t need much water and will grow happily in a low light environment. Their tough leaves are impervious to most insects. Neoregelia ‘Purple Star’ With their often spotted or striped leaves, bromeliads are more exotic in their appearance than any other… Continue reading Bromeliad Plant Care

Aloe Plant Care Growing Aloe vera Plants

Aloe plant care is all about the cultivation of Aloe vera plants. Growing Aloe vera in pots. How to grow it in the ground and care for it over the winter. Tips for growing Aloes indoors.Aloe plants in bloom. When it comes to Aloe vera plant care, I think what concerns new gardeners most is Aloe plant watering. Because it’s a succulent, they’re afraid their Aloe plant will… Continue reading Aloe Plant Care Growing Aloe vera Plants

Desert Rose Plant Care

Desert Rose Plant Care Adenium obesum Desert rose plant care consists mainly of keeping this succulent plant warm and in bright light. If Adenium obesum does not receive sufficient light, it becomes leggy and vulnerable to insects. The east African desert rose grows to a height of 18-36 inches with an equal spread. The trunk is a… Continue reading Desert Rose Plant Care

Orchid Cactus

Epiphyllum The orchid cactus is a day-blooming hybrid of the night-blooming cereus. There are several different cultivars available featuring red, white, orange, or yellow flowers. The blooms of this cactus house plant are large and quite showy. This is the pink underside of a white bloom. You can only see it when the flower is… Continue reading Orchid Cactus

Arabian Jasmine Sambac Jasmine

Arabian jasmine or sambac jasmine is an easy to grow plant that produces sweetly fragrant flowers. Jasminum sambac is the national plant of the Philippines, and the flower is extensively used in Indian weddings. It is also used to make jasmine oil, tea, leis and perfumes. It is the jasmine most often used to give commercial products a jasmine scent. This… Continue reading Arabian Jasmine Sambac Jasmine

Yellow Jasmine Plant

Here in the South, the yellow jasmine plant, Jasminum nudiflorum, is often confused with another sweet smelling vine: Carolina yellow jessamine but they are members of different plant clans. >br> Buy a Yellow Winter Jasmine Vine Here Jasminum nudiflorum is 1 of 2 (Jasminum officinale is the other) cold hardy jasmine plants. Most of the other varieties are somewhat… Continue reading Yellow Jasmine Plant

‘Fourth of July’ Rose
syn. ‘Crazy For You’ Rose

The ‘Fourth of Jul’y rose is a cold hardy and fragrant climber. 4th of July’s  red and white, striped and splotched flowers will add explosive color to your summer garden. The large single blooms are cupped, occur in clusters and display groups of yellow stamens at their centers. Each flower petal is a work of… Continue reading ‘Fourth of July’ Rose
syn. ‘Crazy For You’ Rose