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Palm tree care is easiest when growing palms suited to your climate as the weather will profoundly affect the health of your tree. Indoor and outdoor palm plant care tips. Planting, fertilizing, and pruning palm trees.

Palm tree picture.

Well maintained Queen (foreground) and Mexican Fan palms enhance a landscape.

Palm Tree Care and Cold Weather

If you live in an area where winter freezes are common, make sure the palm you choose is hardy enough to withstand your coldest weather.

Mild frost damage to a Dwarf Date palm growing in Daytona Beach, Fl.Dwarf dates grown in coastal Daytona Beach will only sustain damage to their fronds.Later in the season, the yellow fronds can be removed.  New, healthy leaves will soon grow in to replace them.One of the two Dwarf Dates in the center of this Deltona, FL yard has lost its crown to a freeze.Deltona is an inland city, 40 minutes southwest of Daytona.Phoenix roebelinii is marginally hardy in this area which is why one palm froze and the other is apparently undamaged.

Advice for Growing Palm Trees in Temperate Gardens

Cold Hardy Palm Trees will provide you with information about frost tolerant palm varieties.

Planting Palm Trees

The exposed roots of a palm planted too shallowly.

The most important thing to get right when installing a palm tree is the planting depth.  Trees that are not planted deeply enough will be vulnerable to toppling during wind storms.

Click the linked headline above to learn the best procedures for planting palm trees. How to prepare the soil for palm tree planting.  Palm tree seeds planting details as well as drainage and spacing info.

Transplanting palm trees is a trouble-free transaction for most varieties.  Only a few types are vulnerable to transplant shock.  The relatively small root system of the palm tree is a distinct advantage here.  This is why even very large specimens can be installed in residential or commercial landscapes and, with proper care, become established quite quickly.

Palm Tree Fertilizer

Adding Mycorrhizal Fungi to the soil helps to increase the nutrients.

These trees require certain micronutrients. Any food labeled as a palm tree fertilizer should provide these in the proper ratios.

Indoor Palm Tree Care

Dwarf, slow-growing, shade tolerant species are the top choices for indoor culture.  Click the headline above to discover the secrets of raising palm trees in pots.

Here is a list of the best indoor palm trees.

Trimming Palm Trees

Freshly pruned Bismark palm.

Pruning palm trees is also an important part of palm tree care as it removes diseased or insect infested plant material.

As a palm grows, old leaves turn yellow and then brown. Flower stalks and dead fronds skirt around the trunk below new leaves.

These are to be removed close to the trunk in small trees. The norm which is followed for large trees is that the dead fronds are cut several inches from the trunk leaving a “boot” or leaf base. As the tree ages the boots will fall off leaving a smooth trunk.

This palm has bromeliads planted in its boots.Be careful not to wound either yourself or the plants when trimming palm trees.Palm leaf petioles often have saw tooth edges so you’ll need protective gloves.Wounds to a palm’s trunk will not heal and invite fungal and insect problems.Expert help is required to prune taller palm trees.

Spraying lime sulphur or liquid copper on established trees helps to prevent fungal diseases. Apply right after pruning as the fungicide will protect the cut surfaces.Search Results from AmazonPatio, Lawn & Garden

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Care Guides for Different Types of Palm Trees

The links below lead to pages of specific growing information for each palm listed.  I’ve used the common names because those are most widely known.  The botanical name of each species can be found on its care page.

Queen Palm CareCoconut PalmsBismarck PalmMexican FanCalifornia FanEuropean FanChinese Fan
Florida ThatchSilver Saw PalmettoPindo PalmChristmas Palm
Date Palm TreesAreca PalmLady PalmRoyal PalmsOld Man PalmBottle PalmSpindle PalmFoxtail PalmSabal PalmDwarf PalmettoWindmill Palm

Care Guides for Palm Lookalikes

These are plants that are often believed to be palms, but are not members of the palm family.

Banana PalmTraveler’s PalmSago PalmsCoontiePonytail PalmGiant Bird of ParadiseCardboard Palm

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