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Palm tree pictures to inspire your landscaping. Pictures of palm trees used in a variety of ways. Different types of palm pictures. Palm trees and beach pictures, photos and images.

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Coconut palm picture.

Coconut Palm Trees Picture

Cocos nucifera is the quintessential beach palm tree. The trees in the photo above are located on a beach in St. Croix but you will find coconut palms on beaches throughout the tropics.

Coconut Palm Growing Info

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Palm Tree Landscaping Pictures

Pictures of palm trees in planting beds.

These Pygmy Date palms are used to perfection in 1 of the prettiest hotel landscapes I have seen in Florida. The pic was snapped at the Ramada Inn in Naples.

Tiny and I went there for a weekend getaway. It was really nice. We felt just like we were in the islands.

During our stay, we met the lady who does the planting there (it’s all done by just 1 woman!). I had to complement her for creating such a tropical atmosphere with all the colorful flowers.

In this palm tree picture, the pygmy palms are underplanted with canna and ringed with yellow marigolds. The tall vine climbing over the balcony is a bougainvillea. The low hedge beneath it is a variegated Schefflera. A Dracaena marginata stands sentry in the opposite corner.

Phoenix roebelenii Growing Information

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This pair of Pygmy Dates is situated in another planting bed at the same hotel. This time plumbago and Crossandra are its bedfellows.

A different type of palm (I don’t remember what kind) is planted in the center of this bed. Its trunk is wrapped with Christmas lights which add sparkle to the planting in the evenings.

Here the Ramada Inn of Naples has used a Bismark palm in a unique way. The bold silver fronds complement the paint colors and fill the space in an unexpected way.

If you decide to try this at your home or business, be sure to plant the palm far enough from the wall to accommodate the mature size of the trunk.

Bismark Palm Growing Instructions

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Pictures of Hawaiian Palm Trees

Pictures of palm trees in Hawaii.

This photo of a Traveler’s palm with a hefty trunk was taken at the Maui Tropical Plantation.

The burgundy leaves opposite it are those of the Ti plant. Further down the path, a short, shrubby plumeria marks the fork in the road.

Traveler’s Palm Growing Info

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Sago palm picture.

Sago Palm Picture

The Sagos in this palm tree picture are planted in a rock-edged garden with some striking bromeliads. The fronds of coconut palms sway in the background.

All About Sago Palms

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Hawaii palm tree picture.

Hawaii Palm Tree Picture

In this shot, a group of tall ponytail palms is planted beneath coconut palm trees on the beautiful island of Maui.

Ponytail Palm Tree Care

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Pictures of Florida Palm Trees

Picture of Sabal plam tree.

Picture of Sable Palm

This is a young Sabal (also spelled Sable) or Cabbage palm tree which has not yet developed a trunk. The Cabbage palm looks very different at this stage of its life.

You can see a mature, 3-headed Sabal palm tree here. These are rare. This is the only 1 I have ever seen.

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Palmetto repens growing beside a waterfall at the Ormond Memorial Garden.

This palm grows wild here in Central Florida. It is a very slow grower and the trunk is only visible above ground on older specimens. The thin, brown trunks creep along the ground.

These palms are gorgeous in the landscape when their unusual trunks are exposed.

The trees in the photo above are growing beside a waterfall at the Ormond Memorial Garden in Ormond Beach.

Growing Sabal Minor Palms

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Mexican Fan palm tree picture.

Washingtonia robusta is 1 of the most commonly grown palms in Central Florida. They look best when planted in groups of at least 3.

In this image, the homeowner has planted the trees on a slope. A retaining wall has been built to create a level planting surface and also holds the soil in place.

I like the use of different heights here but I really think this palm is best used around taller buildings. For single story houses, smaller varieties which top out at 15 or 20 feet will be more in scale with the building.

How to Grow a Mexican Fan Palm Tree

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