Parsley Side Effects

by Andrew
(Macon , GA)

I currently have a lot of parsley growing in my yard. I’m using it as an edging around a vegetable garden. The weather here is cool and damp right now which seems to encourage its growth.

Needless to say, my family has been eating a lot of parsley lately. More than ever before.

What I want to know is are there any side effects associated with eating this much parsley.

Thank you.

Plant Guides Answer

Congrats on your herb gardening success!

Parsley can be tricky unless the weather is cool and damp like what you are experiencing now.

Parsley is a tonic herb. That means it is full of vitamins and minerals. It’s high in vitamin C and contains the most bioavailable form of iron of any food. This makes it especially valuable to women of child bearing age.

Another thing women of child bearing age might like to know about parsley is that it tends to bring on the menses when taken in a medicinal dose.

Women with irregular periods will sometimes use a tea of the leaves to start their flow.

Women with regular periods will sometimes use parsley tea to start their flow a day or two early so that it won’t conflict with their vacation plans.

The tea is made by steeping a teaspoon full of the fresh or dried leaf in a cup of hot (nearly boiling)water.

A medicinal dose is 1-3 cups per day or 1-3 teaspoons of the herb per day. Culinary use is usually much less than this.

One side effect you may notice while eating lots of parsley is it’s diuretic effect. It’s a natural diuretic and can be beneficial to use if you are retaining water.

You might want to avoid using it at bedtime, because of this particular side effect.

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