Savannah Marriott Hotel

Courtyard by Marriott Savannah GA Review of a Savannah Marriott hotel, the Courtyard by Marriott Savannah GA. Other Marriott Savannah hotels include the Marriott Savannah Riverfront, Marriott Execustay & the Residence Inn by Marriott Savannah. Our most recent botanical journey was to drive about 6 hours north of our Florida home up to Savannah, Georgia. I had… Continue reading Savannah Marriott Hotel

Holiday Inn Express Savannah Holiday Inn Savannah Hotels

Holiday Inn Express Savannah GA hotel reviews. My review of 2 Holiday Inn Savannah hotels: Holiday Inn Savannah Midtown and Holiday Inn Express Downtown Savannah in the historic district. The photos on this page were taken at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown Savannah, Georgia which is located at 199 E. Bay Street. There is another… Continue reading Holiday Inn Express Savannah Holiday Inn Savannah Hotels

Savannah Restaurants

Best value downtown Savannah restaurants. Our reviews of inexpensive restaurants in Savannah, Georgia. An interesting variety of good, low cost restaurants in Savannah, GA. The Tea Room You’ll find some of the best restaurants in Savannah Georgia for budget-minded diners listed here. There are no fine dining establishments listed simply because Tiny and I do… Continue reading Savannah Restaurants

Popular Flowering House Plants

Types of Blooming Houseplants Easy care flowering house plants. The best blooming indoor plants to grow for success with house plants. Types of houseplants for large and small spaces. Pictures. Phalaenopsis Flowering House Plant Picture With its exotic sometimes fragrant blooms, the orchid is the queen of flowering house plants. The orchid’s beauty is unrivaled in… Continue reading Popular Flowering House Plants

Cactus House Plants

Beautiful cactus house plants to grow. Low maintenance types of succulents for sale. Rare starfish flower succulents. Buy indoor cacti. Hover Over the Images, Pricing Info Will Appear at the Bottom of the Widget Cactus and succulent varieties that perform well indoors: Christmas CactusKalanchoeCrown of ThornsPonytail Palm TreeAloe Tree Pencil CactusOrchid CactusDessert RoseAloe vera Succulent… Continue reading Cactus House Plants

Christmas Cactus Care

Zygocactus truncatus also known as Schlumbergera Simple advice for Christmas cactus care. Temperature range and light requirements for Zygocactus plants. How to make a Schlumbergera bloom. Zygocactus truncatus in bud. Advice for Christmas Cactus Care The large, showy flowers of the Zygocactus truncatus typically appear in late November or early December. This is why the plant came to be known as the Christmas cactus.… Continue reading Christmas Cactus Care

Kalanchoe Plant

Kalanchoe blossfeldiana The popular Kalanchoe plant will grow well indoors in a pot for a few months. Once it begins to decline, it is best to cut Kalanchoe blossfeldiana back and plant it outdoors. In a warm climate, the plant will live and bloom for many years with little care. If you live in a climate too cold for… Continue reading Kalanchoe Plant

Wax Begonia Care

Begonia semperflorens Plants Wax Begonia care is simple as long as you understand how succulent these plants are. The leaves and stems of Begonia semperflorens (meaning everblooming) are full of water. Couple this with a relatively small root system and you have a plant that can only cope with modest amounts of water. The shade-loving wax Begonia is available in several color… Continue reading Wax Begonia Care