Orange Coneflower Varieties

Rudbeckia and Echinacea Plants Orange coneflower varieties. Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm, Echinacea Tiki Torch, Sundown, Hot Papaya and Harvest Moon. Ratibida pinnata, the Mexican prairie coneflower. Orange coneflowers in a perennial border. These intensely-colored coneflower cultivars are at their blooming best when combined with other bright or dark flowers and foliage. In this picture, Rudbeckia hirta ‘Rustic’ is paired with the red castor bean plant. The highlighted… Continue reading Orange Coneflower Varieties

Rudbeckia Goldsturm

Growing Black Eyed Susans Rudbeckia Goldsturm (sometimes misspelled Rudbeckia Goldstrum) is the most popular black eyed Susan perennial growing in the U.S. today. Rudbeckia Flowers, Norfolk, UK Photographic PrintSmith, GaryBuy at With its huge yellow-orange coneflowers and big deep chocolate centers, it’s easy to see why Rudbeckia fulgida Goldsturm is such a hit. Each bloom consists of 12-15 long,… Continue reading Rudbeckia Goldsturm

The Many Faces of the Elephant Ear Plant How to Care for Alocasia Bulbs

Elephant ear plant care guide. Planting elephant ears in beds or containers. Propagating Alocasia and Colocasia plants. Buy elephant’s ear bulbs. ‘Black Magic’, amizonica ‘African Mask’, ‘Black Stem’, etc. Buy Black Elephant Ear Plants Here Growing Elephant Ear Plants When provided with the amount of moist heat and shade that they crave, Alocasias are striking tropical foliage plants that will infuse your home or garden… Continue reading The Many Faces of the Elephant Ear Plant How to Care for Alocasia Bulbs

Crown of Thorns Plant

Euphorbia splendens One of the most widely cultivated Euphorbias is the popular crown of thorns plant. Its stems are off-putting being covered by stout, thickly set gray spines. But many people find the inch-wide red, yellow or pink blooms very inviting. In between the thorns are small, short-lived, oval shaped leaves. Most of the leaves are borne… Continue reading Crown of Thorns Plant

Pencil Cactus Plant

Euphorbia tirucalli The unusual and exotic pencil cactus plant is very easy to grow as long as it receives sufficient light. Euphorbia tirucalli is a mass of pencil thick, shiny green stems which jut from the thicker main stems at every conceivable angle. Tiny leaves will sometimes appear along the stems. Euphorbia tirucalli performs well in poor,… Continue reading Pencil Cactus Plant

Orchid Cactus

Epiphyllum The orchid cactus is a day-blooming hybrid of the night-blooming cereus. There are several different cultivars available featuring red, white, orange, or yellow flowers. The blooms of this cactus house plant are large and quite showy. This is the pink underside of a white bloom. You can only see it when the flower is… Continue reading Orchid Cactus

Desert Rose Plant Care

Desert Rose Plant Care Adenium obesum Desert rose plant care consists mainly of keeping this succulent plant warm and in bright light. If Adenium obesum does not receive sufficient light, it becomes leggy and vulnerable to insects. The east African desert rose grows to a height of 18-36 inches with an equal spread. The trunk is a… Continue reading Desert Rose Plant Care

Aloe Plant Care Growing Aloe vera Plants

Aloe plant care is all about the cultivation of Aloe vera plants. Growing Aloe vera in pots. How to grow it in the ground and care for it over the winter. Tips for growing Aloes indoors.Aloe plants in bloom. When it comes to Aloe vera plant care, I think what concerns new gardeners most is Aloe plant watering. Because it’s a succulent, they’re afraid their Aloe plant will… Continue reading Aloe Plant Care Growing Aloe vera Plants